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Autistic worker makes sign to hang in office after allegedly getting disciplined for being a ‘bad communicator’

Daily Dot logo Daily Dot 5/12/2022 Brooke Sjoberg
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In response to allegedly getting disciplined at work for perceived poor communication, an autistic TikTok creator created a sign alerting co-workers to their neurological difference and shared it on the platform, where commenters are sharing similar experiences.

Posted by @aegoaegyo, the video shows a simple sign in a sans-serif typeface that reads, "I'm autistic. I prefer direct, literal and detailed communication. If I am: not making eye contact; not greeting you back; not understanding your social cues, etc.; there is no malicious intent. it is the autism. Thank you for understanding."

"I made an autism sign at work bc i got booked for disciplinary meeting for being a bad communicator," the TikToker captioned the video.

Those who shared similar experiences wrote that they have also been misunderstood at work.

"Also I got pulled into the office for 'isolating myself' and people were 'worried'," one commenter wrote. "I was just sitting in a different break room for some quiet time."

"I got called out for 'needing to have my hand held' when really I just needed clear instructions/direct communication so I knew I was doing the job right," another commenter wrote.

"Not me being told I have 'negative body language' and being reprimanded for not saying 'good morning' every single day," a third said.

In a follow-up video, @aegoaegyo addressed some commenters who they said were asking if they are professionally- or self-diagnosed.

"The funniest thing about the comment section of my autism sign video is the people who are asking me, 'are you self-diagnosed? Are you formally diagnosed?'" they say in the video. "Do you think neurotypical people would make a sign like that? Do you think that would happen? Do you think a neurotypical person would do that?"

The Daily Dot has reached out to @aegoaegyo regarding the video via Twitter.

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