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Cat Enjoying 'Peaceful Life' Has Relatable Reaction to 3-Month-Old Kitten

Newsweek 7/25/2022 Rebecca Flood
File photo of black cat. An older cat's reaction to a 3-month-od kitten has been dubbed "Vecna's remix." © Angel__A/Getty Images File photo of black cat. An older cat's reaction to a 3-month-od kitten has been dubbed "Vecna's remix."

A clip of a cat meeting a 3-month-old kitten for the first time is going viral online, after the older feline hissed at the latest addition to the household.

TikToker Urooj shared a clip to her account, @chutneys.clowder, that captured the pair meeting.

The on-screen captions said: "Enjoying a quiet, peaceful life for 9 years. 3 month old kitten shows up in the house." The clip, which can be seen here, was captioned: "The way he tilts his head."

It shows the older cat peering at the kitten through a crack in the door, hissing, as he paws at the feline, tilting his head to try and fit through the gap.

Since being posted last week the video has been viewed more than 2.5 million times, as Urooj added in the comment section: "That clip is a few weeks after the kitten was home after being separated from the older cats. This is when they were introduced with a barrier."

Numerous people found the relatable reaction hilarious, as Jen Archibold joked: "Vecna's Remix!"

TheDankness thought: "it turned into a horror show."

Q wrote: "Nah, it's fine, hissing is just him telling the kitty who makes the rules, it'll all be good

Lacemontefalco quipped: "From main character to villain vibes."

Im sure no one remarked: "The way he twisted his head."

Chalk commented: "He's plotting crime in his head by the looks of it."

Video: Cat Enjoying 'Peaceful Life' Has Relatable Reaction To 3-Month-Old Kitten (Newsweek)

Kita_Pita replied: "The kitten is asking where is the adoption papers it's not the vibe."

Shelby added: "the head in the door had me losing it."

Urooj, whose profile states she's a "rescue cat mom" based in New Orleans, confirmed she has three cats in total, as she shared more videos covering how she ensured the kitten settled down.

Going over the process, the video caption said: "This is how I introduced them and it went great."

The on-screen text read: "How I introduced my kitten to our cats. Interaction between closed door, no eye contact.

"Interaction with a barrier / gate. Lots of treats during positive interactions. Gradually moved food closer.

"The amount of time depends on the personality of your cats. Patience is key."

Newsweek reached out to Urooj for comment.

According to the Cats Protection, cats are generally solitary creatures, who prefer to be the only pet in a household.

"Occasionally two cats may get along well, or littermates may be happy to stay together, but a cat used to being on their own may not appreciate another cat in the house," they wrote.

They shared tips for anyone looking to add to their menagerie, advising owners to set up a "sanctuary room" with everything the new cat needs to give them their own space.

Next is "scent swapping," which they described as: "Collect scent from one cat using a cloth by wiping it gently around their cheeks or forehead and then give the other cat the cloth. Placing it in the middle of the floor gives them the option to investigate or ignore. This helps them to get used to each other's smell."

Visual interaction is next, followed by a face to face meeting with a barrier, much like the meeting in Urooj's clip.

"Keep these meetings short and make them a good experience with treats and toys. If things don't go well, it's important to ensure you can break any eye contact between the cats, allowing them to retreat from each other," they added.

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