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'Cruel' Groom Slammed for Accusing Fiancée's Daughter of 'Ruining' Wedding

Newsweek logo Newsweek 8/15/2022 Sara Santora
In a now-viral post, a bride-to-be said her fiancé told her teenage daughter that she was "ruining" their wedding. © a-fitz/istock In a now-viral post, a bride-to-be said her fiancé told her teenage daughter that she was "ruining" their wedding.

In a now-viral post, a bride-to-be said her fiancé told her 16-year-old daughter that she was "ruining" their wedding.

Posting in Reddit's "Am I The A**hole" forum under the username u/Live-Slice4362, the bride said she was "enraged" by the comment and "blew up" on her fiancé. The post has garnered 7,500 upvotes and hundreds of comments slamming the "cruel" groom.

In her post, the bride said her 16-year-old daughter is "obsessed" with origami, so she asked if she could make paper butterflies for the reception tables.

"I love my daughter, and want to support her hobbies anyway I can, so I said [yes] and even bought her the paper she needed," u/Live-Slice4362 said.

Her fiancé, on the other hand, wasn't so keen on the idea.

"[He] said that [the butterflies] seemed 'childish' and that he wouldn't have [them] at his wedding," u/Live-Slice4362 wrote. "I reminded him that it's our wedding and that I won't exclude my daughter's wishes."

Unfortunately, her fiancé wasn't happy with this response, so he approached the teenager and told her she was "ruining" the wedding.

"When I came home [Sunday] my daughter came crying to me, telling me she's sorry that she's ruining my wedding with her ideas and said she'll pay me back for the paper," u/Live-Slice4362 recalled. "I asked her what she meant and she said that my fiancé told her that I...wasn't going to really [use the butterflies]."

Feeling "enraged," u/Live-Slice4362 "blew up" on her fiancé later that day for "lying" to her daughter, and called him a "jerk" and an "a**hole."

"He yelled back saying that we should have found a compromise, and just making this idea without consulting him first was terrible," she wrote.

Red Flags

Some say the wedding planning process can do one of two things—it can make a couple stronger or it could reveal their "true colors," Insider reported.

According to the publication, there are several "red flags" couples should look for during the process that could spell trouble for the longevity of their relationship. One of those red flags, said one anonymous wedding planner, is the bride or groom not getting along with their partner's family.

"If one member of the couple doesn't get along with the other side of the family, that doesn't necessarily mean their relationship will never work, but it's very telling of how their married life will be and potential conflicts within it," they said. "Any stress or drama you're dealing with during the wedding planning is very telling of interactions you'll have down the line."

Wedding planner Leora Soleymani added that poor communication during the wedding planning process is another major red flag.

"There are obviously going to be bigger decisions in life than what color florals you'll have, the type of linens you'll use, or which band you're going to hire for your wedding. How couples communicate with each other during this time is really important and says a lot about their relationship," she told Insider.

Redditors React

Many Redditors felt u/Live-Slice4362's fiancé showed his true colors when he "lied" to her daughter and encouraged her to call off the wedding.

"NTA [not the a**hole]. I would seriously reconsider your marriage to this guy. He deliberately lied to your daughter and blew off her hobby as childish. Imagine what other things will happen in the future, as he seems to be not supportive of her," u/Chargednotconvicted wrote.

"NTA. But please think about whether or not it's a good idea to marry a man who is willing to lie and say hurtful things to your daughter in order to get his way. He was mad at you, so he took his anger out on her. That's not okay. He could have seriously damaged your relationship and trust with your daughter with his dishonest, manipulative comments," u/p_iynx said.

Redditor u/atxtraceadded: "He's definitely a bully as well as an AH [a**hole]. Your daughter doesn't deserve to have to live with such a cruel person...Think long and hard about the road you're about to travel."

Newsweek reached out to u/Live-Slice4362 for comment.

Other Viral Moments

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Last week, commenters defended a woman who "ruined" her friend's wedding by not telling her husband he smelled.

And earlier this month, Redditors were split over a bride uninviting her sister-in-law from her wedding after the latter "damaged" her wedding dress.

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