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Floral Maternity Dresses For A Spring Photoshoot

BabyGaga logo BabyGaga 5/16/2022 Jessica Tucker
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Spring is a perfect time for maternity photoshoots given that it is the season of rebirth. Because part of the earth is coming back to life after a long winter is beautiful flowers popping up in every color and size, spring is also one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. As such, a fantastic way to combine the two is to wear a floral dress for a spring maternity photoshoot.

With summer being the most popular time that babies are born, according to LiveScience, spring makes for the perfect time for moms expecting during this time to do a maternity photoshoot. With the weather being temperate for photos to be taken at just about every locale, there are more options than there are at other times of the year. And with a floral dress screaming that it is spring, there truly is not a better choice to wear during this season for a maternity photoshoot.

Here are some floral maternity dresses for a spring photoshoot.

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Chic Bump Club

When it comes to maternity photoshoots, a great route to go is wearing an empire line dress, according to Clare Murthy Photography. This not only shows off the baby bump when the hands are used to cradle it, but it also gives great lines to the photo.

Taken in a field, by the ocean, or wherever the outdoor space may be, an empire line dress gives an ethereal flow to the maternity photos being taken.

Rock A Belly

If it is a bit cooler during a photoshoot, consider wearing a floral dress that has long sleeves.

Long sleeves also play well into maternity shoots that have a bit of a country feel. Pair with a pair of boots and an amazing maternity outfit has been created.

Mamma Belle The Label

When mothers-to-be are feeling like their waistline has disappeared, choosing a bodycon dress for a maternity photoshoot may be just the ticket.

According to Femina, bodycon dresses not only "flatter curves" but can give the "illusion" of a waist as well. And because maternity shoots are supposed to make women feel more beautiful than they have ever felt, a bodycon dress may help to accentuate all the right parts in photographs that help to achieve this goal.

Mother Bee Maternity

Checking out the location of the photoshoot or seeing pictures of it beforehand can come in handy for those expecting. This is because if a floral dress can tie into the landscape in which it is being shot, the dress will become an extension of the surrounding environment. And then not only is the natural beauty of nature is captured, but the natural beauty of pregnant women is as well.

Blossoms Belle

For those who want a bit of color to go with their floral dress, choosing a dress with a top in a solid with a floral bottom creates an interesting look for the photos. It also is a good compromise for women who may not feel comfortable in a dress that is completely floral.

Further still, if there is a color that makes the eyes pop or the skin tone radiant, choosing that color for the top of the dress will help to bring those features out in photos. And this will make them some amazing photos to look back on in the years to come.

Embie Baby

It may be that mothers-to-be just want a splash of floral on their dresses. As such, having a top that is floral while the bottom is a neutral color can make the florals pop in a photo for a maternity photoshoot.

Some mothers are also not keen on accentuating their baby bumps. Putting the bump in a neutral color helps to take the attention away from the bump. And this can make some mothers-to-be more comfortable in their skin than if the bump is front and center.

Special Addition

When the weather is warm, there is nothing better than a sweet, flowing, floral dress for a maternity photoshoot.

Be it in the country or in a field of wildflowers, these dresses will suit most environments.

The best part is that after the shoot, the dress can be worn frequently until the due date. And better still, because these dresses are supposed to be worn loosely, they make for great outfits to wear after delivery as well.

My Bump Maternity

When it comes to choosing floral colors for a maternity dress, light colors are the best option for a spring photoshoot.

While floral apparel can be used for maternity photoshoots regardless of the time of year, darker colors should be reserved for fall and winter. The lighter colors are more appropriate for spring and summer, given the vibrancy of the flowers that bloom during these seasons. And when the florals of the dress tie into the background being shot, a gorgeous photo is created indeed.

Mom Eternity

While the majority of floral dresses are long and flowy, that does not mean that short ones are off-limits. As such, for those who want to wear florals but make the photo a bit flirtier, choosing a shorter hem may be a good choice for a maternity photoshoot.

Pretty Seasons Maternity

Some floral maternity dresses have it all. They are bodycon with a bit of whimsy, light colors, and just a hint of flow. When these dresses are worn, all eyes are on the mothers-to-be in the photographs. And this is exactly where the attention should be when maternity photoshoots are done.

Source: Clare Murthy Photography, LiveScience, Femina


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