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Get Ciara’s Vintage Varsity Jacket On ebay

Essence 3/27/2023 Kerane Marcellus

Ciara has long been the icon of comfy casual with an added streetwear twist. She's always down for a bright color look or new aesthetic that not everyone is down for, and that's what we love about her! She's not afraid of trying new things, and sometimes new things mean trying old things. In the look below, she's wearing a vintage Negro Baseball League Headgear Varsity Jacket with orange knee-high boots to go with the orange details in her jacket to commemorate her new song "Da Girls" music video. The songstress does vintage so well it's inspired us to do some digging of our own.

We found the jacket that she's wearing on eBay but be warned, there's only one left and in an XL. But we found an alternative that's pretty close to the original, filled with fun patches. A varsity jacket doesn't have to just be for school or the "School Daze" you can really make it a fashion moment if you want!

Take a look below for the dupe to look like Ciara!

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