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Holiday Dresses for the Season

Brianne Manz logo: MainLogo Brianne Manz 12/2/2022 Brianne Manz

I look forward to the holiday season each

year! It’s just so fun to dress for, it’s an excuse to dress up, as

well! Whether you are going to formal events, holiday parties, or you

just want a comfortable fit for more lowkey plans, I have found the best

dresses for your holiday wardrobe! A lot of these can actually be used

for new year’s eve parties, so there are plenty of options to plan from.

If you’re on the hunt for holiday party dresses or just for holiday

photos, I’ve got you covered!

Here are 14 dresses you’ll love for your grand entrance to the holiday season!

When the holidays come along, I love to dress for the occasion! Here are 14 dresses to wear to all of your holiday events! © Brianne Manz When the holidays come along, I love to dress for the occasion! Here are 14 dresses to wear to all of your holiday events!


There are so many fashion trends, it’s

almost difficult to keep up at the moment. Firstly, let’s talk events. I

feel like you can never go wrong with a long dress or a midi dress for

family events! As far as office parties, I’d say keep it more

professional, so less of mini dresses and more winter dresses! For

instance, sweater dresses, a slip dress or any black dresses are

perfect! Go with what you are comfortable in and don’t be afraid to be

an outfit repeater. Our closets are only so big and the clothes exist

for us to wear them!

© Brianne Manz © Brianne Manz


With the holidays come fun patterns and

materials. I love any dress that has some shine and sparkle to it, I

think they are so fun! I personally think florals should be present year

round. So I’ll go for more neutral or darker shades of floral patterns

to match the season! I think fabrics tend to run the holidays, more than

patterns, though. Silk and velvet are not only on trend, but classic

options that will truly never go out of style. Therefore, if you want a

warmer feel, go for the velvet!

© Brianne Manz © Brianne Manz

Price Point

Moreover, holiday dresses can get pretty

pricey. There tends to be more expensive fabrics and intricate designs

that will cost more. But they really are investment pieces! They can be

worn for family photos, which is great! There’s nothing wrong with going

for more inexpensive options, though. Especially as the holidays get

closer and we run out of shopping time. If you’re spending more on gifts

this year, go for a less expensive dress. If you want to treat

yourself, do it! It’s the season of giving and that includes to

yourself, as well as others.

© Brianne Manz

Haveri Mini Dress

This is a jacket dress, so it’s perfect for winter! I love the Jacquard style and the buttons are too cute!

Fazal Gown

If you want a show-stopper dress, this is it! Everything about this dress is perfection and it’s shiny for the holidays!

Plissé Halter Dress

Another great metallic option! I love the folds on this and the shine and shade is too good!

Hutch Sequin Bow Dress

Now this is a Christmas dress! The combination of the classic red color and sequins is a fantastic option for the holidays!

Black Halo Prince Gown

Everything about this dress is so elegant! If you have a dressier

gathering to attend, I’d say put this flatterin number at the top of

your list!

Smocked Cerise Dress

A classic red dress is the perfect option for any holiday party! I love the shape of this one and the red tone is stunning!

Isabella Dress

Anthropologie is one of my favorite stores to get holiday dresses from. I can’t get over the florals and vintage feel to this!

Feather Trim Dress

Something fun is always a great option! Feathers are so on trend at the

moment and the combination with the knit is great for the cooler


Charli Dress

Color blocking is always in! I’m a huge fan of this designer and I love how shiny this little number is!

The Romance Novel Dress

Selkie dresses are just too good! They are always so girly and dreamy.

Monette Dress

Specifically, if you have a more lowkey holiday event to go to, a

sweater dress with knee high boots are a go to for me! I love this one

and it looks great with a chunky belt!

Azeeza Rory Puff Sleeve Dress

Furthermore, this is my kind of dress! Pink and puff sleeves? Sign me

up! I think it’s also a great dress for dinners on vacation.

Axon Dress

Moreover, another fabulous sweater dress! This is great for a smaller gathering or casual day!

Shine Dress

Finally, we’ll finish off with a shiny one! I love the stars on here and

I think it actually would be perfect for New Years Eve!


Brianne Manz

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