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Kid Ruins Gender Reveal So Badly That TikTokers Are Joking They Don’t Want Kids Anymore

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Gender reveal videos tend to get a lot of hate online, which to many may seem unfair. These parties/events are just ways for people to celebrate with their loved ones and share their excitement of adding a new member to their family. Do some people go over the top, like hiring professional wrestlers to table smash their way into revealing whether the baby will be a boy or a girl? Sure.

But these folks are just trying to party. However, there are critics of these reveal videos who have a big problem with some of the more extreme lengths that people go through to throw a gender reveal. Like the time someone created such a large gender reveal explosion that it caused an earthquake in their area and damage to people's properties.

And while it's easy to rag on people who go and make the lives of everyone around them difficult with their gender reveal parties, there are some people who just want to have a nice time and share the surprise of finding out whether they're having a boy or a girl with their friends and family.

But that doesn't mean the internet can't enjoy schadenfreude at seeing one of those presumably well-meaning parties going wrong.

Which is exactly what happened in a viral TikTok posted by @jaclynflagg that shows a woman walking to her car with a massive balloon and two young boys in tow. Inside the large black balloon was a ton of confetti: pink for a girl or blue for a boy.

TikTok | @jacylnflagg © TikTok | @jacylnflagg TikTok | @jacylnflagg

It's safe to assume that the woman holding the balloon probably wanted to keep the baby's gender a secret and that she was on her way to the party where it would be popped and everyone would know the sex of the baby.

TikTok | @jacylnflagg © TikTok | @jacylnflagg TikTok | @jacylnflagg

However one little kid didn't seem too care too much about what was planned for the balloon as they snuck up right behind the woman and decided to poke the balloon with what looks like some kind of stick or pointed toy.

TikTok | @jacylnflagg © TikTok | @jacylnflagg TikTok | @jacylnflagg

The balloon pops, dropping pink confetti to the floor. The woman, defeated, looks down at the child in shock. They then solemnly walk back into the house as the children stand there, probably because they know very well that something bad just happened.

TikTok | @jacylnflagg © TikTok | @jacylnflagg TikTok | @jacylnflagg

If you scroll through TikTok enough, you'll find a number of gender reveal fails on the platform. Some are absolutely whimsical, while others are kind of sad. Like this one woman who had her partner pull a confetti popper, resulting in a stream of pink confetti going all over the place.

She says she forgot that the man is color blind, however, so she had to tell him that they were indeed having a girl.

And then there was the time a woman knew she was having a daughter, despite the fact that doctors told her it was a boy. Turns out, that wasn't the case. The blue confetti was wrong.

And then there were these parents who burnt their hands with a pink smoke bomb after finding out they were having a girl.

Or this mom who was really hoping she'd have a girl and ended up finding out she would be having a boy. Clearly, she was not happy.



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