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Man Hilariously Reveals Cat 'Moved Out' To Live in an Abandoned Cow Shed

Newsweek 6/14/2022 Alice Gibbs
A file photo of a cat standing atop a shed roof. A man has hilariously shared on TikTok how his cat moved out into a nearby shed. © Nils Jacobi/Getty Images A file photo of a cat standing atop a shed roof. A man has hilariously shared on TikTok how his cat moved out into a nearby shed.

A man sharing how his cat "moved out" of home has left the internet in stitches this week after a video captured viral attention on the video-sharing app TikTok.

User itsthatmadguy on TikTok shared the video from his home in New Zealand on Saturday, and it has since received more than 380,000 views. In the video, he explained: "So whenever I want to come and see my cat I have to come to this abandoned cow shed because she moved out.

"My house is over there, and this is the abandoned cow shed and she doesn't come home anymore. I have to come and visit her at her house. Anyone else's cat done this?"

Cat behavior consultant Alice Chau-Ginguene told Newsweek: "Cats are hunters. It's by nature that they seek out resources to fulfill their needs. By resources, we mean food, water, shelter, comfort, love, or human attention. If a resource is deprived in one area, they move to the other area where a resource is plentiful. People might call this opportunistic, but so are humans."

In response to the now-viral video, TikTok users shared their experiences of cats moving on. "Actually yes," wrote one commenter: "My cat lives on the porch next door because no one lives there."

Another TikTok user said: "My cat moves into my flatmate's room and I'm lowkey salty about it," while another abandoned owner commented: "My cat moved to the next-door neighbors' after we got a dog."

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"There are also cases where the original families might be experiencing changes that make the environment a bit unpleasant from the cat's point of view. For example, a new baby, new dog, house guests," explained Chau-Ginguene: "I have seen cases where the cat moves to the neighbor temporarily when the people were getting married and have a house full of people."

"It's tough when they grow up," joked one user. Another TikTok commenter agreed and wrote: "She's growing up."

Chau-Ginguene says that just because your cat has moved out, it doesn't mean you've necessarily done anything wrong—but it is usually because your cat's resources situation is less than optimal.

"People often don't see the problem because they are so close to the situation," she explained: "They might need a pair of eyes from an outsider to review that. In which case, seek out advice from a cat behaviorist."

"I can see from the video that the cat obviously loves the guy a lot and misses him. If they were to create a safe haven of peace and quiet at home, it is very likely that the cat will come back in," said Chau-Ginguene.

Newsweek has reached out to itsthatmadguy for comment.

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