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Marks and Spencer window display labelled 'sexist' for saying women 'must have fancy little knickers'

The i logo The i 11/20/2018 Benjamin Butterworth
David Gandy et al. standing in front of a store © Provided by Johnston Publishing Ltd

Marks and Spencer has become embroiled in a row over sexism after it created a window display showing women in "little knickers" next to men dressed in "outfits to impress".

Campaigners from feminist charity FiLiA called out the display for its clear gender bias, while locals called the display at the Nottingham branch "sexist" and "vomit inducing".

To be clear: @marksandspencer believe that the 'MUST HAVES' are:For MEN: 'outfits to impress'For WOMEN: 'fancy little knickers'Imagine for a moment if those window displays were reversed. Go on M&S .... we are watching. PS Who signed this off? #sexist #marksandspencer

— FiLiA (@FiLiA_charity) November 18, 2018

Local Fran Bailey asked: "Ok, M&S Nottingham, have we really not learned anything in the last 35 years? Or am I alone in finding this, their major window display, completely vomit inducing?"

M&S said the window displays were part of a wider campaign showing multiple "must-haves" for Christmas.


Ms Bailey said that she had been "incensed" by the display and is less likely to shop at the high street store due to it.

Others accused M&S of still being in the 1970s.

Oh look! In Marks and Spencers Land, it’s still 1973! Men get to look manly. We get to look ‘sexy’ for the manly men. You do know the bulk of your customer base are women? That we have aspirations beyond frilly underwear? It’s 2018. Stop patronising us #everydaysexism

— Janey Galloway (@JaneGal51846984) November 20, 2018

I'm appalled as a man. This is sexist, it is counter-productive and, Marks & Spencer, absolutely and utterly tone deaf! Who was the manager who signed *this* off? Middle-aged and male, perhaps?

"Women and girls are tired of having to navigate the onslaught of misogyny. It seems that Marks and Spencer and other retailers are yet to learn from the #MeToo movement."

Wider display

M&S, which uses David Gandy to model its male clothing line, said the displays appeared in different combinations in different stores, including ones for women's "outfits to impress".

You didn't notice this window in the same store then?

— John Casey (@jcasey170) November 20, 2018

The retailer said in a statement: "M&S sells more underwear, in more shapes, sizes and styles, than any other retailer, especially at Christmas.

"We've highlighted one combination in our windows, which are part of a wider campaign that features a large variety of Must-Have Christmas moments, from David Gandy washing up in an M&S suit through to families snuggling up in our matching PJs."

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