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‘Please stop calling people’s job thinking you’re smarter than them’: Customer service rep urges callers to stop talking down to her in PSA

Daily Dot 11/20/2022 Melody Heald
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A customer service representative went viral on TikTok after recounting a story about rude a customer who talked down to her.

The video was uploaded by user Staci Danielle (@lovestacidanielle) who mainly posts content about her job. This time, she made a video about an alleged encounter she had with a rude customer. Staci says she felt the need to post this video because sometimes “she needs to vent” since the customers “really get under her skin.”

Staci recounts how a caller asked if “they were able to keep coverage” despite “not working for their employer anymore.” Staci responds that yes, they do have options available to continue insurance coverage even if the customer “doesn’t work for her employer anymore.”

Staci says the customer remained silent for a moment before telling her she did not understand her words. "Are there are options available or not for me to continue my coverage?" Staci says the woman asked. This sends Staci into a rage as she claims how she told the woman in plain English that they do offer coverage for her. She concludes the video by ranting about how it's people like this particular customer who make her job hard.  

The video racked up over 259,000 views as of Sunday, with many viewers empathizing with Staci, and also shared their pet peeves while working at a call center.

“Working at a call center… this is my BIGGEST PET PEEVE! people don’t listen and they think they know your job better than you!” one viewer wrote.

“What pisses me off is when you walk them through the steps on how to do something & they say “it says next, should I click next”? Well duh!!!!!” a second said.

“Yesssssssss! They don’t even read. Get mad when you tell them if you read the information it’s all self explanatory. Tah. Hard for no reason,” a third stated.

Others recounted their stories of dealing with difficult customers.

“I had a guy who kept me on the phone for an hour and a half and made me go over things I went over SO many times,” one person shared.

“Yoooo I literally just had a call like this…I said the same and she was like I don’t understand, I just transferred her to someone else took a break,” a second commented.

“This happens every day for me. N they expect for u to keep listening to them complain… like lordy b on hold n wait,” a third stated.

“Bruh I email customers and I hate the ones that ask the same thing over and over expecting a different answer. You have every option to reread what,” another said.

The Daily Dot reached out to Staci for comment via TikTok comment.

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