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Prince William May Have Been Able To Fix Rift With Harry by Taking His Memoir Seriously

CafeMom logo CafeMom 3/31/2023 Lauren Wellbank

There's at least one royal expert who believes Prince William could've ended the entire feud between Prince Harry and the rest of the royal family in a single afternoon. Alexander Larman says publicly addressing the claims in Spare might have been the olive branch Harry needed to feel welcomed back into the family fold.

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Alexander shared his theory while talking to Us Weekly.

The writer wanted to go on record as saying that he believed that the royal family should've responded to the claims made in Harry's bestselling memoir.

"I think Prince William should have given an interview in which he extended the hand of brotherhood," he explained in a new interview.

He thought Harry just needed to see some sign his family cared.

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Things have been visibly chilly between the pair since Harry and Meghan announced they were leaving royal life back in 2020, but we now know their feud began long before that. Alexander seems to believe that William could've easily warmed things up a bit by saying something kind about his younger brother.

"He should have said, 'We're all very concerned about him. We understand that he has most awful traumatic shock when his mother [Princess Diana] died so young. You know, we know life has been hard for him,'" he continued.

A statement could've gone a long way toward making life easier for the rest of the royals as well.

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Citing the Queen's "Never complain, never explain" motto, Alexander says addressing the book could've allowed everyone to get back on an even playing field. The family adage may have "done very well" for them over the years, but it doesn't exactly work when someone isn't playing by the rules.

"Because if you can't take some of [their] money away [or] you can't take a very royal status away, what can you do?" he continued.

Alexander doesn't see any path to a reconciliation for the men at this point.

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With things as strained as they are now, Alexander says there's likely nothing left that can salvage a relationship between Harry and the rest of his family.

"And it's that thing that was revealed [in his book that] apparently King Charles said, 'Don't make my last years difficult ones' because he's not an old man. He's not a young man either and we have no idea how long he's gonna be king for," Alexander continued, adding that because of Charles' age when he took the throne, he'll never reign as long as his mother did.

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William could very well become king without ever having reconciled with his brother.

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With all the important milestones still ahead of William and his family and Harry and his family, it's hard to believe the two brothers may never be able to celebrate together.

We can't even begin to imagine how Princess Diana would feel about all of this, especially now that the men have children of their own who could grow up without knowing their cousins.

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