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The Queen's Hilarious Response to Meeting President Donald Trump, and His Breaking of Protocol, Has Been Revealed in a New Book

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There seem to be some intimate and humorous details in the highly anticipated book Elizabeth: An Intimate Portrait written by the famous English actor and former member of UK Parliament Gyles Brandreth.

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Having an established relationship with the royal family and being a good friend of Prince Philip, it's no surprise that the former maverick politician knows a thing or two about the life and personality of Queen Elizabeth II.

In his detail-packed biography book, Brandreth highlights some worth-remembering moments of her majesty and former U.S. President Donald Trump, when he officially visited the kingdom for the first time in June 2018.

Queen Elizabeth surprisingly accepted the fact that Mr. Trump had walked in front of her majesty at Windsor Castle. Let alone the fact that the former U.S. President broke the protocol earlier in his visit when he shook hands with the Queen instead of bowing to her. 

But Donald Trump apparently knew what he was doing - not only did the Queen "put up" with this seemingly-rude behavior, but she also seemed to be "amused" instead of feeling "offended".

Brandreth wrote that her majesty laughed out loud later on that night when she watched herself on TV "bobbing about behind him."


Both the Queen and Mr. Trump seemed to have a good time during the state visit, according to Brandreth, who added that the duo had gotten "along wonderfully, talking the whole evening".

Queen Elizabeth apparently holds a special place in the former president's heart, describing her majesty as "grace, charm, nobility," following her death on September 8.   "She was beloved by the American People like few others, the Queen was truly special to us," he continued.

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6 Less-Known Facts That You Probably Didn't Know About Her Majesty

There is so much to remember about the Queen other than her sense of humor, and although her majesty was (and still) a popular figure among both Brits and non-Brits, there are some surprising facts about her that are not known by everyone.

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So, here are the top 6 unexpected facts about the Queen's long life:

  1. She never went to school; instead, she learned everything she knows at home from her private tutors.
  2. The 21-year-old then-princess used clothing ration coupons to buy her wedding dress.
  3. She held the record for being the world's wealthiest monarch.
  4. And because you can never own too many dogs, her majesty, who was famous for having a thing for Corgis, owned more than 30 adorable Corgis in her life.
  5. The monarch was the only person who had the right to drive in the kingdom without a driver's license.
  6. The Queen could speak French both fluently and confidently!

‘Lilibet' is undoubtedly an unforgettable person, and she will forever remain the Queen of every Brit's heart.




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