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This dog was so excited his family was working from home during the coronavirus pandemic that he sprained his tail from 'excessive wagging'

INSIDER logoINSIDER 3/24/2020 Anneta Konstantinides
a dog looking at the camera © Emma Smith/Twitter
  • A dog named Rolo was so happy his family was working from home during the coronavirus pandemic that he sprained his tail from "excessive wagging."
  • Rolo's owner, Emma Smith, took him to a veterinarian when she saw that his tail had "stopped working."
  • The condition, called Happy Tail Syndrome, has been around long before the pandemic began.
  • Rolo, who is already on the mend, has since become an internet sensation and even caught the attention of Jennifer Aniston.
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The coronavirus pandemic has turned all of our lives upside down, but it's also given us more time to spend with our favorite pets.

And one family's dog was so excited that everyone was working from home that he accidentally sprained his tail after excessively wagging it.

Emma Smith, who lives in Essex, UK, noticed something was up with her beloved 7-year-old dog Rolo when his tail was suddenly down.

The excitable Dachshund had been overjoyed that Smith and her family were all home due to coronavirus restrictions, to the point that he hurt his own tail.

Smith took Rolo to a veterinarian, who said he had sprained it from excessive wagging.

Happy Tail Syndrome is actually a real condition, and it began long before the coronavirus pandemic sent everyone inside with their furry friends.

The syndrome is common in dogs with "thick, powerful tails and short hair," such as Labradors and pit bulls, according to The Bark.

Happy Tail Syndrome does not often occur in breeds with a curved tail, such as boxers or pugs.

But the syndrome has "everything to do with personality," Carrie Uehlein, a doctor of veterinary medicine at The Veterinary Hospital of Davidson in North Carolina, told The Bark.

She said dogs who get Happy Tail Syndrome are often "bright, energetic, and super excited to see people."

"They will not stop wagging their tails, no matter how much it may hurt them," she added.

Smith's posts about Rolo quickly caught major online attention, receiving over one million likes on social media at the time of writing - including from Jennifer Aniston.

Smith assured Rolo's new fans that he was currently on pain relief and should be "healed within a week."

She also shared a video of Rolo from his recovery, which showed that he had started moving his tail again but still couldn't lift it up in the air.

Rolo has since become an internet sensation, so Smith decided to create an Instagram page so that all his new followers could check in on his progress.

His bio reads: "Follow my journey getting my wag back." 

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A post shared by Rolo. 7 year old Sausage. UK. (@rolo.thehotdog) on Mar 22, 2020 at 4:06am PDT

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Monday night that the UK would go into full lockdown to protect against the coronavirus pandemic.

Residents can only leave their homes to shop for food and medicine, partake in one form of exercise a day, and go to and from work if their occupation is considered "essential."

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