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This Is, Uh, Not Your Average Moth Tattoo

Bellatory logo Bellatory 11/29/2022 Brookie Madison
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There’s a little something “hidden” in the design.

The anatomy of the body is very fascinating and complex. One being the female reproductive system, how it is able to withstand the growing, nurturing, and birthing of a fetus. 

Speaking of the female anatomy, this tattoo artist hid a specific part right in the center of this tattoo design. See for yourself. 

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Tattoo artist has a way with concealing and creating, which is apparent with the tattoo of a moth with a vulva at the middle. 

The depiction of both the vulva and the moth are very realistic and accurate. The detail is insane, especially with the folds and the wispy antenna things that cross over at the front of the moth.

This client got this design placed on their thigh, and it's indicative of what's hanging out above. We like it!

Enki's comments were filled with people who appreciate the artistry and also want this design on themselves.

"OMG THIS IS SO PRETTY AND COOL," one commenter said. Another said, "I NEED THIS. I REPEAT: I NEED THIS!"

Tattoos with hidden images or objects seem like a fun way to break the ice with people who may inquire what it is they are looking at. 

We're sure that there is a good reason to get a vulva or any other body part tattooed on you. We're all about tapping into our femininity, our body positivity, and sex positive side. 

Does this count as a realism tattoo? Because this looks very real. What a true talent to be able to create such a beautiful body of work and also trick people's eyes.


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