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Valentine's Day Baskets: The Ultimate I Love You Gift For Families 1/19/2023 Quiana Darden

Spreading love on Valentine's Day is as easy as 1, 2, 3 when you DIY gift baskets. You can create a personalized basket with your kids to give to their mom, dad, teacher, grandparents, or a friend. Then, for a little added fun, surprise them with their own special basket full of love. Either way, Valentine's Day gift baskets are the perfect way to get the creative juices flowing.

And here's a bonus: Not only are they easy to make and fun to put together, they can fit any budget.

How To Create a Valentine's Day Basket

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You only need a few items to build a rave-worthy basket.

Your basket of choice. You can opt for the traditional wicker basket, a plastic container, flower vase, large bowl, box, decorative tin, or any number of other options to hold the contents of your gift basket.

Just be sure to keep in mind the number of goodies you're including and their size when selecting your basket.

A Few Goodies

Once you have your container, you're going to load it with gifts.

There's no wrong gift idea as long as you think of the recipient and the things they love. You can choose a few simple stocking stuffer type items, a couple of larger more wow-worthy gifts, or even homemade tasty treats or crafts projects to fill the basket.

We also love the idea of including chocolate and supporting small-businesses that are ethically run is a must. Seattle Chocolate has a ton of cute Valentine's day options for you. We love the Chocolate is love Truffle Bag because you can buy one and add some of the truffles to each of your family member's baskets! Brilliant!

Decorative Items

Finally, you need some items to add a little pizzazz to your basket. This could be colorful tissue paper, shredded crinkle paper, ribbons, cellophane wrap, stickers, or even a personalized label to go outside the container.

Baskets You Can Make With Your Kids

© Provided by Looking for a fun family project to do at home? Here are some Valentine's Day gift basket ideas you can make with your kids so they can deliver them to the people they love.

Valentine's Day Basket for Teachers

As if teachers weren't already everyday heroes, the global health crisis has made the "S" on their superhero cape shine a bit brighter. Here are some ideas you can use when creating a teacher's Valentine's Day basket.

Goodies to include:

  1. Colorful highlighters, pens, or markers

  2. Prepackaged snacks or drinks

  3. A cute mug or tumbler

  4. Hand sanitizer

  5. A mask in their favorite color

  6. A gift card to Starbucks, Target, or a local restaurant

  7. Lip balm

  8. A candle

  9. A small notebook or planner

  10. A handwritten note or card

    Valentine's Day Basket for Mom and Dad

    Valentine's Day is the perfect time for kids to celebrate their parents. Help them create a basket for their mom, dad, or other guardians that will bring a little joy to their day.

Here are some gift ideas:

  1. A coupon book full of redeemable age-appropriate activities they can complete around the house, like unloading the dishwasher or helping to make dinner
  2. A handmade art project
  3. A beaded bracelet or necklace with their favorite colors
  4. A few of their go-to snacks
  5. A cute homemade or store-bought card
  6. Flowers

    Valentine's Day Basket for a Loved One You Can't See in Person

    Whether it's due to virus restrictions or distance, kids can send a Valentine's Day basket to their loved ones they can't see in person by incorporating "open when" letters.

These letters are envelopes with various occasions written on the outside, such as "Open when you're happy" or "Open when you miss me."

While kids could easily get on the phone or send a text message during these occasions, this is a more creative way to show a little love.

Here are some "open when" letter ideas:

  1. Open when you're bored — Include a few funny jokes or a printed crossword puzzle or word search.
  2. Open when you want to go on vacation — Include a short story about going on vacation, a printed photo of them on vacation, or a postcard to a dream destination.
  3. Open when it's Valentine's Day — Include a few Hershey's kisses, red and pink confetti.
  4. Open when you need to hear "I love you" — Include a note to play "I just called to say I love you" by Stevie Wonder (or something similar) or a handwritten note that says "I love you."
  5. Open when you're hungry — Include a gift card to their favorite restaurant or an IOU to cook dinner for them when it's safe.

Along with the "open when" letters, you can include other treats or small trinkets the recipients might enjoy.

Valentine's Day Basket for a Friend

Your kiddos can create a simple Valentine's Day "basket" for their friends by placing a few small festive items in a red or pink mug.

Goodies to include:

  1. A few pieces of candy
  2. A pair of festive socks
  3. A small plushie
  4. Stickers
  5. Fun pencils
  6. A small bag of erasers

    Valentine's Day Basket for Your Kids

    When you finish helping your kids create baskets for the people they love, you can surprise them with their own special Valentine's Day basket. Creating a Valentine's Day basket for your own kiddo is a fun and personalized way to add a little love to their day.

@JasmineLowerySpeaks is a mom to three littles and an entrepreneur who created super-cute baskets for her kids using Dollar Tree items.

Here are some goodies she included in her kids' Valentine's Day baskets:

  1. Festive headbands
  2. Painting set
  3. Stamps
  4. Snacks
  5. A T-shirt (she incorporated Black History Month with a T-shirt from Target's Black History Month collection)
  6. Pencils

Her recommendation for creating a Valentine's Day gift basket that's a hit is to fill it with fun and festive things your kids will love.

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