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Woman Says She's Going to 'Prank CPS,' Removes Food From Cabinets, Fridge in Viral Video

Newsweek logo Newsweek 1/12/2022 Amanda Spence
A woman said she was going to "prank CPS," removing food from cabinets, fridge in viral TikTok. Here, non-perishable food on a counter. © OLENAMYKHAYLOVA/GETTY A woman said she was going to "prank CPS," removing food from cabinets, fridge in viral TikTok. Here, non-perishable food on a counter.

A TikTok video has gone viral after a woman said they were going to "prank CPS," or child protective services. The video showed a lot of food out on the counters with an empty shelf and a half-empty refrigerator. The TikTok video is getting a lot of attention online with 2.6 million views so far.

TikToker @realqueenopp, who's gone viral before and has over 40,000 followers, shared the post in December. The video is captioned, "We gon prank CPS." In the video, the words appeared on the screen during the eight-second clip: "Taking all the food out the cabinets and fridge to prank child protective services."

Accompanied with music, the video showed someone in the kitchen at the fridge appearing to take things out of it with a large amount of food on all the countertops on either side of the kitchen and some on the ground as well. An empty cabinet shelf can also be seen before the video cut off.

According to Statista, in 2020 households with children under 18 spent an average of $160.35 on groceries per week. In households with no children, the average weekly grocery bill was $106.64 per week.

The viral post has sent people into an uproar with over 483,000 likes and 3,000 comments so far. "Out of everyone, you pick CPS?" someone questioned about the prank.

While another TikToker tried to tell the poster, "Girl, CPS does not have a sense of humor."

"They gon prank them kids into foster homes," someone else added in the comments.

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A few had questions for the TikToker. "Now why would you do that?" someone asked.

Others joked about the whole thing making light of the situation. "Guys they're just in a silly goofy mood," a TikToker said.

"Lol good one," someone else wrote.

However, others can somehow relate to the post. One user said their parents "did this prank too."

The video doesn't appear to show behavior most people would partake in. "What a strange thing to do," someone else pointed out.

Another user tried to tell the poster, "They're gonna take your kids away for thinking this was a good prank."

One person said that if it isn't a joke while acknowledging that it might be, "this says a lot about you as a parent if you choose to play about your kids like that."

Not everyone thinks the situation is humorous either. "That's not a joking matter. Ever," a TikToker added in the comments.

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