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Toddler Finds a Clock He Insists He Had… In a Past Life

Exemplore logo Exemplore 10/23/2022 Cassandra Yorgey
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Is his little soul a reincarnated one?

Can children remember past lives? This little boy casually but matter-of-factly recounts to his mother about a clock his “other grandpa” gave him in another life, across the country, in a state he hadn’t known in this life.


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This mother claims her son can remember past reincarnations and recorded him talking about a clock that reminded him of something his grandfather in a previous life gifted him. When questioned on further details like where he was given the clock, the boy stumbles over a word like he’s unfamiliar with it but then enunciates “New Jersey” quite clearly on the second try. The mother laughs and asks how he knows where that is, as they reside on the west coast. His answer? He tells her that is where they would winter, he and his other grandpa. Then he just slides on a pair of sunglasses and says “goodbye” in a manner that resembles a celebrity who is done with this interview. 

Many parents have repeated the claim of their children remembering former lives and question if there is truth behind it or just vivid imaginations running wild - such as scampering youth are prone to do. Reincarnation, or rebirth as it is sometimes called, is quite common in religions outside of Christianity although there are some notable exceptions such as Rosicrucians who follow the teachings of Christ but have not ruled out multiple incarnations throughout the overarching metaphysical journey.

Curiously, these memories of past lives are much more predominant in children and frequently fade over time. These adults sometimes recall the memories of memories they had in their youth but are unable to access them directly anymore. Just as often the memories fade completely and are only recalled by those who witnessed the child recounting them initially.


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