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Is the Blink Mini Pan-Tilt Mount worth it?

Digital Trends 3/25/2023 Jon Bitner

The Blink Mini is a fairly standard indoor camera. After positioning it in your home, you can access the feed remotely to check in on your property — or receive alerts when motion is detected. However, Blink now offers an add-on for the tiny device that gives it the ability to swivel and rotate. The so-called Pan-Tilt Mount costs just $30, although you can buy a complete package with the Blink Mini ($35 when purchased separately) and Pan-Tilt Mount for $60.

But is the Pan-Tilt Mount worth it? Or are you better off seeking alternatives or simply leaving your Blink Mini unadorned in your home? Here’s a closer look at what it offers to see if it’s a good fit for your smart home.

What is the Pan-Tilt Mount?

The Blink Mini installed in the Pan-Tilt Mount. © Provided by Digital Trends The Blink Mini installed in the Pan-Tilt Mount.

The Blink Mini Pan-Tilt Mount is essentially an upgraded stand for your Blink Mini. After removing your Mini from its original stand, it can be mounted to the Pan-Tilt Mount. Once this is done, you’ll be able to remotely swivel and pivot your camera, affording you a 360-degree view of your home.

Installation only takes a few minutes, and the device will automatically sync with your Blink app if the Blink Mini is already hooked up to your phone. It also works with Alexa, giving you a hands-free way to control the action.

Beyond the ability to swivel, you’ll benefit from everything the Blink Mini has to offer. This includes 1080p video capture, motion alerts, two-way audio, and the ability to arm or disarm your camera as needed.

What are the alternatives?

Wyze Pan V3 outside in the snow. © Provided by Digital Trends Wyze Pan V3 outside in the snow.

There are only a few notable alternatives to the Blink Mini Pan-Tilt Mount. The most enticing is the Ring Stick Up Cam with Pan-Tilt, which costs $130 — twice as much as the Blink products. However, it offers impressive weatherproofing, something that’s lacking in the Blink Mini. This makes it a great option for a location that’s partially outdoors, such as a covered patio or porch.

You could also check out the TP-Link Kasa Spot, which features an orb-like design that can pan and tilt to cover your entire room. And just like the Blink Mini, it offers 1080p footage, two-way audio, and night vision. It’s also rather affordable and can typically be found on sale for less than $60.

One of the last big competitors for the Blink Mini Pan-Tilt Mount is the Wyze Pan v3. This diminutive camera costs just $40 and provides the same 360-degree coverage as the Pan-Tilt Mount. It even films in the same 1080p resolution and lets you apply an auto-scan setting to have the device constantly monitor every inch of your room. Its design is a bit quirky, but it’s a great option for shoppers on a budget.

Is the Blink Mini Pan-Tilt Mount worth buying?

The Blink Mini Pan Tilt mount on a wooden table. © Provided by Digital Trends The Blink Mini Pan Tilt mount on a wooden table.

If you already own a Blink Mini, the Pan-Tilt Mount is an easy recommendation. Not only is it affordably priced, but it allows you to capture much more of your home than the standard camera. It’s especially enticing for homes with quirky layouts or large floorplans that would traditionally require more than one camera. Instead, a properly placed Pan-Tilt Mount could replace multiple cameras — thanks to its unique swiveling capabilities.

If you don’t already own a Blink Mini, then be sure to take a closer look at the alternatives listed above. The Wyze Pan v3 is a particular standout, as it falls in the same price range and offers many of the same specs. Choosing which one is best for your home largely comes down to personal preference. If you’re a fan of Blink and seamless integration with Alexa, then the Pan-Tilt is a solid choice. But if you have other Wyze devices in your home, adding the Wyze Pan v3 might make more sense.

No matter how you look at it, the Pan-Tilt Mount is a solid product. Featuring a great price point, solid features, and an easy installation process, the Pan-Tilt Mount is worth buying if you’re looking to enhance your smart home security system.

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