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11 Things All Kids Should Be Able To Do By Age 15

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11 Things All Kids Should Be Able To Do By Age 15

The teen years are no joke. Many parents of 15-year-old kids are constantly hearing from them how their friends get to do so much more than they are allowed to do and how they are being treated like babies. And there are times when, if we're honest with ourselves, we can admit that we might be holding them back from independently completing certain tasks that we aren't sure they can perform on their own.

When it comes to their capabilities and maturity levels, all children are different. If your kid can't pair socks to save her life, she isn't alone — she'll get there. But experts Stacy Haynes, CEO and counseling psychologist at Little Hands Family Services, and Dr. Mayra Mendez, a psychotherapist and a program coordinator for intellectual and developmental disabilities and mental health services at Providence Saint John's Child and Family Development Center, say it's important to allow young teens to master these 11 critical life skills in order to set them up for greater independence. Remember, college is just a few years away — and there's only so much laundry your washing machine can hold at once in one weekend home.

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