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Acceptable Reasons To Not Pay Your Babysitter

Moms logo Moms 6/25/2022 Jessica Tucker
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Parents trust babysitters to come into their homes to watch, care for, and interact with their children. By putting this trust into teens and young adults, there is the assumption that rules will be followed, boundaries will not be crossed, and that the well-being of kids will be looked out for. When this is something that does not happen, parents are rightfully upset. And it is in these instances that there are acceptable reasons to not pay your babysitter.

While no one can take care of kids the way their parents can, the hope is that babysitters, especially those who are used frequently, will come close. But when this does not happen, the safety of kids can be put at risk. Something which is unacceptable when kids are in the care of someone who promised to make sure they were well cared for while their parents were away. And as a result, the agreed-upon payment for babysitting becomes null and void.

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Here are acceptable reasons to not pay your babysitter.

Taking Kids Out Of The Home Without Permission

Some parents are fine with babysitters taking kids out of the house for an excursion. However, there are those who are not. And when babysitters take kids out of the house without permission, it is a reason to not pay babysitters.

The reason that parents choose to hire particular babysitters time and again is because they feel like they can be trusted. Something that is broken when permission is not asked to take kids out of the home. While it may not seem like a big deal to leave the home without permission, doing so can put kids at risk. Something that can be offensive enough to not pay a babysitter at the end of a shift.

Drinking Alcohol While Babysitting

Babysitters need to be alert at all times when they have charges. Drinking alcohol does not allow that to happen.

Many times, those who are babysitting are underage. This means not only are they being irresponsible by watching kids when drinking, but they also are breaking the law. And because of this, no payment should be given to babysitters when their time watching kids is over.

Introducing Physical Discipline Of Any Kind

Physical discipline is a controversial topic when it comes to parents implementing it. It is not something that babysitters should take upon themselves to do while parents are away.

According to FamilyEducation, parents should make it clear that babysitters are not allowed to physically discipline kids in any manner. If this is not adhered to, not only should they not be paid, they should be fired as well.

Giving Kids Medication Without Permission

If parents ask babysitters to administer medication to their kids, it is up to the babysitters whether they feel comfortable doing so. However, if babysitters take it upon themselves to give medication to kids without permission, they are doing something completely uncalled-for.

Not knowing children's medical history means that giving them medication could put them at risk for an allergic reaction or worse. As such, parents should always give the green light before babysitters dose out medication. And they should not be paid if they fail to do so.

Having People Over Without Permission

There are some parents who have no problem with their babysitters inviting a friend over to help watch the kids. Others, however, do not want anyone they have not vetted in the house when they are away. And if babysitters do not respect their wishes, they should not be paid.

According to KidsHealth, parents need to make it clear what babysitters can and cannot do before leaving the house. When that has been done and babysitters do as they please, they should not expect to be compensated for such.

Going Through Personal Items

Just because babysitters are watching kids does not give them free rein of the house. This means that in areas where kids are not allowed to go, babysitters are not either. Especially when the only goal is to go through personal items.

According to Hippo, so that babysitters do not have any temptation to go through personal items, setting them up for success versus failure is important. As such, not leaving out expensive items or items that will pique their interest in off-limit rooms is the best way to do this. After all, the less temptation there is, the better judgments are made.

Neglecting Kids

Parents set out expectations with babysitters before they leave. One of those expectations is to interact with kids. And when this does not happen, it can lead to neglect of charges. Something that should not be rewarded with payment.

If babysitters spend all day on their smartphones not paying attention to kids, not only do they not know what kids are up to, but they also do not know if they are in danger. When this happens, kids could be seriously hurt, and it is all because babysitters failed to do the job they agreed to do.

Refusing To Follow Rules

When babysitters accept jobs, they are also accepting the rules and instructions that come along with said jobs.

Therefore, if rules are blatantly ignored and kids are not in bed at a certain time, food was eaten that was supposed to be avoided, homework was not completed, reading was not done, or any other specified rule was not followed, babysitters should not expect to be paid.

Watching Inappropriate Television

If kids are safely tucked into bed at night and are asleep, choosing to watch a show that is rated above their age group may be considered acceptable by some parents. What is not acceptable is watching inappropriately rated shows while kids are awake that could make them feel scared, insecure, or have content that is far too mature. And this could be grounds for no payment.


If babysitters go to the lengths to steal, not only should they not be paid but contacting authorities depending on the size of the theft may be necessary as well.

Minimally, parents should let others know who not only recommended the babysitter but others in their social circle what happened so that the same does not happen to them in the future.

Source: FamilyEducation, KidsHealth, Hippo


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