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Dad Is So Sleep-Deprived, He Sweetly Soothes His Baby ... Who's Nowhere Near Him

Working Mother logo Working Mother 4/17/2017 Maricar Santos

Together now: Aww!!!

That's how you know you're really tired. © YouTube / America's Funniest Home Videos That's how you know you're really tired. Introducing a baby into your family means there's not much time for you to focus on anything else, including getting enough shuteye. You wake up to keep an eye on baby, feed baby, change baby, play with baby, wash baby, put baby to sleep and so forth that that's all you can think about—even in your dreams, and this dad is the perfect example.

In a video that's starting to blow up the internet, one dad is seen soothing a baby in his sleep, reports Scary Mommy. As he naps while seated on a chair (he's clearly sleep-deprived), his right hand is moving up and down, as though he's gently patting an infant that's resting on his belly.

What could possibly be triggering him to soothe a baby in his sleep? As you can see and hear in the video, which is posted below, the baby is in the room with him, crying while being soothed in the arms of a woman, who, looking over at the dad running on autopilot, can't help but laugh. So it's possible the tired dad is hearing the cries in his sleep and assumes HE's the one actually holding the baby in his arms this time. Whatever it is, it all makes for one funny, "aww"-inducing video clip. Posted to the America's Funniest Home Videos channel on YouTube on April 12, it already has over 100k page views.

We can so relate to this, but it's not just us. According to commenters who saw the video on the HuffPost Parents Facebook page, taking care of your baby even when he/she isn't there may actually be a thing. One user writes: "I still remember rocking an empty pushchair for about 10 minutes till someone pointed out that my baby was being held by my husband." It even applies to babies that have grown up, as one mom writes, "I'm constantly rocking back and forth while standing still at work. My coworker always says, Vicki you aren't holding a baby. My 'baby' will be 4 in June." Lol!

One thing's for sure, this dad seems to be doing his fair share of baby duties if he's gotten to the point that he's dreaming about it!


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