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Cat Dad 'Standing Guard' Over Mom and Kittens Delights Internet

Newsweek 6 days ago Alice Gibbs
File photo of cat and kittens. One cat dad's adorable reaction to meeting his kittens has melted hearts online. © Achudo/Getty Images File photo of cat and kittens. One cat dad's adorable reaction to meeting his kittens has melted hearts online.

A Maine coon cat checking in on his kittens has been dubbed a "keeper," after a video of him "standing guard" over his kittens went viral.

The video of the feline super-dad has been viewed 8.8 million times and was shared by user @asupportivepaw.

Maine Coon cats Sonny and Luna welcomed five beautiful kittens into the world on May 12, 2023, and the moment Sonny stopped by to say hello after the birth has melted hearts.

"Sonny checked in on his babies today," the text overlay on the video read. The large cat proceeded to keep guard while Luna fed the babies, even putting a supportive paw on her back at one point.

He waited patiently while Luna settled the tiny kittens before curling up with her to give her "kisses and cuddles."

While we might not be used to seeing nuclear families in feline form, Sarah-Jane White, an animal behaviorist from Ruffle Snuffle, told Newsweek: "Co-parenting has been observed in a variety of different animal species, including lions, gorillas, and dolphins.


"Cats who co-parent typically share responsibilities such as cleaning, feeding, and protecting the kittens. Co-parenting is thought to provide many benefits to both the parents and the kittens, including a greater chance of survival."

Cat co-parenting has charmed the internet before, too. Earlier this year a cat duo parenting their separate litters together delighted TikTok users.

Similarly, a cat and dog raising kittens together were said to be an example of "co-parenting done right," after a video went viral.

"This is probably one of the sweetest videos ever," said one commenter on the viral video. Another wrote: "That's more caring and attentive than some men."

"Sonny is owning the dad role," agreed another viewer.

The journey of the two Maine coon cats parenting together has delighted TikTokers, who are following along with updates and new videos.

The Maine coon is one of the oldest natural breeds in North America. A large domesticated cat, an adult male weighs an average of 11-18 pounds, while a female will often be around 7-11 pounds.

Often nicknamed "gentle giants," their size is often the subject of attention, and their temperament has led to them being likened to dogs.

In more comments on the viral video, people continued to praise Sonny for his great fathering skills.

"Better than my human husband," joked one commenter, while another said that it was "the sweetest thing."

Another pet owner shared a similar story from when their cat gave birth to kittens. "When my cat had kittens my male cat stood guard and even took turns watching the kittens when mom had to go get food or something."

Newsweek has reached out to @asupportivepaw for comment.

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