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Grandpa Helps Dog Get a Better Look at the Gerbils at 'PetSmart' in Adorable Video

PetHelpful 10/4/2022 Liz O'Connell
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Apparently he needed a better view.

When we bring in our dogs to the pet store, they're normally only focused on what treats are available and the endless selection of toys. They surprisingly don't even notice all the other animals, but if they did, we'd have to do exactly what this grandpa did for his granddoggo. 

TikTok user @coop_whoop, a rescue pup, was at PetSmart with his Grandpa. He must've noticed a gerbil because he stopped to look. But the cage was too high for him to see fully. That's when grandpa stepped in and saved the day. 

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O.M.G. Best grandpa ever! Grandpa was thoughtful and kind because he knew this puppo wanted to see the gerbils and so he lifted him up to give him a better look. It doesn't get much more adorable than that! 

And the dog was SO cute watching the gerbil. He didn't bark or anything. "Look how sweet he's watching them," said @nettielove75. The sweetest puppo in all the land! This means only one thing and it's what @LettieG said. The comment reads, "He needs his own!!!" Oh, absolutely he needs his own! 

"Aww they both made eye contact. ♥️ Now the pup says, 'Let's take him home he's my friend! 😊,'" wrote @snowflake141. They totally did make eye contact. We all saw it! And we just know if they brought home the gerbil, they'd be best friends. Come on, grandpa, you know you want to bring home a friend for your fur baby! LOL! 


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