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Internet in Tears As Blind Rescue Dog Enjoys His First Time at the Beach

Newsweek 5/25/2023 Maria Azzurra Volpe
Pictures of Joey provided by his owner. A blind rescue dog enjoying a day trip at beach has melted hearts online. © Henryandpenny via TikTok Pictures of Joey provided by his owner. A blind rescue dog enjoying a day trip at beach has melted hearts online.

A blind rescue dog called Joey has left the internet in tears after a video of him enjoying his first visit to the beach went viral on social media.

In the viral clip shared on TikTok on Sunday by the Frenchie's owner, under the username @Henryandpenny, the pup can be seen running in the sand toward the sea, struggling to contain his excitement as he enjoys every single moment of his beach day.

The heartwarming post comes with a caption that says: "Blind rescue dog's first time at the beach!" followed by: "I think he's happy!"

Joey's owner, Sarah, told Newsweek: "I adopted him four months ago from French Bulldog Rescue Network. He just turned one year old and yes he is blind! He was brown blind with his littermate so that's all he's known his own life.

"We have two other French bulldogs, Henry (10) and Penny (9). They love having Joey in the family. We travel in a camper van sometimes so that video of Joey running freely and happily on the beach was from his first time at the beach in Ocean City, Maryland!"

According to the People's Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA), a veterinary charity in the U.K., there are several possible causes of dog blindness. Depending on the cause, blindness can develop very suddenly, or very gradually.

A dog's blindness could be due to cataracts, which are common in older dogs and diabetics; glaucoma; uveitis, which is an inflammation inside the eye; retinal disease; optic nerve disease; and brain diseases such as a bleed, stroke, tumor, or infection.

Other reasons include general diseases like diabetes, serious eye injuries, tumors, and breed-specific issues.

Signs that your dog may be blind include changes in the appearance of the eye; clumsiness; not wanting to go out at night; being easily startled and nervous; bumping into people, walls or furniture; getting lost outside, and walking slowly and cautiously. Other signs include confusion; disorientation; and being unable to find toys, balls, and food dishes.

The video quickly went viral on TikTok, attracting animal lovers from across social media. It has so far received over 184,000 views and 30,000 likes.

One user, Rockythedutchfrenchie, commented: "I'm not crying, You are. (Me too)." And Racquel Harrington said: "This made my heart so happy." Josee added: "So happy so see people giving dogs the lives they actually deserve."

Sophia wrote: "He doesn't need to see to know that the scene was beautiful." And K4tylma0 said: "I'm hoping this is what doggy heaven looks like."

Another user, chloe harding, commented: "he is so happy oh my god." And Isaiah said: "He said wait I been running for awhile let me slow down." Sanna added: "Cutest thing! Ruuuuun like you always want to feel!"

Update 5/30/23 4:50 a.m. ET: This article has been updated with comments from the OP, Sarah, and new pictures.

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