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“Selfie-crazy” bear in Colorado winds up with 400 images of herself

The Independent News logo The Independent News 1/29/2023 Gemma Iso
Selfie-crazy bear © Provided by The Independent News Selfie-crazy bear

In one camera at the Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) in Boulder, Colorado, approximately 400 images turned up showing just a selfie-crazy bear.

This black bear pauses and poses in front of the motion-detecting camera, snapping so many “selfies.” Out of the 580 images that came out, 400 belonged to the ‘self-crazy’ black bear. While most of the other animals simply walk by, searching for food or resting places, this bear was an overly curious one.

Selfie-crazy bear

This animal “took a special interest” in the cameras, an OSMP spokesperson said, and seized the “opportunity.”

“These pictures made us laugh, and we thought others would, too,” spokesperson Philip Yates said in a statement

The OSMP posted some of the images on Twitter and the “emerging” selfie star caught the eye of many social media users.

“Sure, it’s cute when the bear takes 400 selfies with the trail cam. But when I do it, I get a letter advising me that I should have taken a left at the trail split and that I was on private property,” said Twitter user @EscpFrmFlatland.

Another Twitter user joked about the selfie-crazy bear : “I think I look ok from the front but what about the side? Is my snout too long?”

There are 9 motion-detecting cameras positioned across the park’s 46,000 acres. They are activated when an animal walks by. Once triggered, the cameras either capture still photographs or short videos.

Bears, birds, foxes and owls are just a few of the animals captured by the park’s cameras. Officials hope to learn “how local species use the landscape around us” – including bear selfies – “while minimizing our presence in sensitive habitats”.

The cameras are placed in high-traffic areas, determined by the presence of footprints and animal-cleared pathways.

“These cameras help us to learn what animals are really out there,” said Christian Nunes, a wildlife ecologist with OSMP, “and what they are up to over the course of a day, a week, or even years.” What a selfie-crazy bear!

Online Comments

Here are some comments from a few Twitter users:

Haris @HarisHarisba

“Give this bear Instagram profile.”

Something Strange @atsquadofsquids

“There’s some Blue Steel in the 3rd picture…hire that bear model!”

DC Queen @dcqueenofscots

“Wow, he’s good! He could model professionally.”

Kathy a dottery @DotteryKathy

“She is setting up a dating profile.”

Carrie Rheu Hall @rheubug

“Obviously a teenage bear”

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