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6 Things You Should NOT Do When Your Kid Gets Hurt

Parent Society logoParent Society 11/4/2014 Robyn Tellefsen

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Nobody wants their kids to get hurt. Unfortunately, trips and tumbles are an unavoidable part of growing up. And unless we cover our kids in bubble wrap (not recommended), they are going to sustain some injuries.

As parents, how should we respond when our kids get those inevitable “owies”? Well, let’s review a few things not to do…

Scream bloody murder.

If your kid wasn’t scared and embarrassed enough when he got hurt, he’s sure to flip out when he sees you completely losing your cool. Frantic yelling and screaming will help no one and will instead scare everyone within a five-block radius. Try to dial down the volume (and the language) so you don’t make a bad situation worse.

Tell your child it’s no big deal.

We want our kids to take minor scrapes and bruises in stride, but telling them outright that they’re fine can make them feel ignored and uncared for – which makes them get even more dramatic just to get a little bit of attention and TLC from you. Hugs, kisses, cuddles, and even a magic Band-Aid can do wonders for even the tiniest boo-boo.

Rush to the emergency room every time.

It’s scary when your kid falls on her face and there’s blood everywhere – trust me. But even the goriest of injuries don’t necessarily merit a trip to the ER. There are plenty of instances when all they need is paper towels, antibiotic ointment, and some Band-Aids. Besides, who wants to pay the emergency room co-pay when it’s not absolutely necessary?

Laugh at your child.

Some falls are so spectacular, they’re funny. But if your kid isn’t laughing, there’s a good chance he won’t be amused by your guffaws at his expense. Timing is everything. Try to contain your merriment over your child’s misfortune at the moment of impact, and maybe you can share some giggles with him after the fact.

Keep your doctor on speed dial.

It is not necessary to call your doctor every time your kid falls down and bumps her head. Not only is this an effective way to make your doctor want to block your number, but it can also make your child overly anxious about getting hurt. You don’t want to turn your kid into a nervous Nellie.

Ignore your child.

If your kid falls down and bumps his noggin regularly, you may be tempted to continue your adult conversation like nothing even happened. But it’s a good idea to at least check in with your child to make sure no major damage was done this time, and to show him you do have some interest in his well-being.


If your child falls and becomes unresponsive or unconscious, won’t stop bleeding, has limbs poking out at irregular angles, or anything else that seems serious, don’t hesitate to call your doctor or take your child to the emergency room. While most childhood spills can be cured with a Band-Aid and a kiss, some do require immediate medical attention.

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