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Boyfriend's Reaction to Getting in the Shower with His Girlfriend Is Just Too Funny

PairedLife logo PairedLife 2/9/2023 Natalie Hoage
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Wait a minute, we thought everybody liked scalding hot showers! Is that not the case? According to Zach from @quincieandzach, there is a point where the water for a shower is too hot. We don't get it, but with more than 250 thousand likes on this video, he must be on to something.

In the video, we see Zach standing outside a running shower. We laughed as we read what's written across the video, "When your girlfriend wants you to shower with her, but the water is hotter than Satan's a$$", he then feels the water and we laughed even more at what he says next!

Click here to watch the video.

Zach says he can't do it and that he is not doing that! His face matched up with the voice perfectly! Guys everywhere can relate while all of us girls are saying, "What do you mean it's too hot?"

We loved @Cloclo's comment, and so did 4,100 other people when she said, "Why does no guy understand we are trying to make people soup"? @Emelin Mae said, "If it’s not burning my skin, I’m not clean", and more than 3,300 people liked her comment just like we did. @Hannah Langerak added, "Love a good boil". So do we! @Sadie Jones says, "I still made him get in and he jumped and screamed right back out". @Laura Gomez is odd woman out with, "Mine is the one with the lava water". And @Kourtney Juliano had our favorite comment with, "if it’s not Satan's water I don’t want it". Same girl!

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