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OG Model Claudia Schiffer Gives Advice To Younger Models

The Blast logo The Blast 4/1/2020 Ona L
a close up of Claudia Schiffer wearing a red hat: Claudia Schiffer at an event © Provided by The Blast Claudia Schiffer at an event

Claudia Schiffer was one of the most popular models in the world at one point. Now, the former model’s life is so different from what she was used to. Schiffer, who is now 49-years old and a mom to three children is no longer the runway model whose panties were being stolen behind the scenes as she walked the runway. Now, the former model is focused on married life and being mom. She rarely comes out in public and she is certainly not on all the magazine covers she used to be on.

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Don’t worry though, Schiffer is not bored, and she has proven that she is still pretty relevant by being on May’s cover of “Elle UK”. The German beauty reflected on her time as a top model. “It was insane, like being a rock star,” Said Schiffer. “You couldn’t get to your car unless a path was carved for you. People would cut holes in the fashion tents and try to take pictures of us. We had security at every fashion show.”

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She is quite thankful for those days being behind her “I would just do my work and go: ‘I’m leaving! I’m rushing out the door!’” she goes on to explain. “There were constantly parties after dinner, but I always thought, ‘I must succeed, I must be the best, I must go from place to place and not take time off. So there was rarely ‘Let’s have drinks’ afterward. It’s very dangerous opening that up, and sometimes unpredictable.” Schiffer now wants to share encouraging words and advice for the new generation of models.

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“I would definitely say to the younger generation of models, it’s a job at the end of the day - just don’t mix it in with anything else. Sometimes, of course, you can’t avoid it, even with those rules.” Said Schiffer who admits she was lucky enough to not have horrible experiences like some of her fellow model friends. She does say that she has experienced other challenges in the business “I have seen it and it’s not nice,” she is referring to the mean girls of the industry.

“I’m not talking about sexual terms, but just bullying and exercising of power that you don’t need. Or asking for things that you don’t need. I’ve seen that a lot and I’ve made a mental note that I don’t want to work with those people again. And I haven’t.” Schiffer encouraged others to use be comrades like she and many other models did back in her day. “We would call everyone and say, ‘By the way, this just happened.’ We thought, ‘We had the power altogether and we should use it because this is wrong.’ We made things change.” We an only hope the current generation is supporting one another like this.


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