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Piers Morgan Insulted Daniel Craig For Wearing Newborn, But The Internet Clapped Back Perfectly logo 10/17/2018 Caralynn Lippo

Daniel Craig in a suit and tie: piers morgan daniel craig papoose © Action Images via Reuters/Paul Childs // Twitter / Piers Morgan // REUTERS/Benoit Tessier piers morgan daniel craig papoose

Piers Morgan certainly has a lot of opinions.

The British TV host and presenter is known for loudly (and often aggressively) voicing said opinions, often on social media. He’s also gotten into quite a few public spats with celebrities whose viewpoints differ from his own, including JK Rowling and Ewan McGregor, among many others.

Recently, Piers took aim at Daniel Craig, who is the latest actor to play iconic action hero and spy James Bond in the 007 series. The Good Morning Britain host took to Twitter to share a photo of Daniel (who welcomed a baby with wife and fellow actor Rachel Weisz earlier this year). In the picture, the actor was carrying his newborn daughter in a baby carrier.

Despite being a father of four himself, Piers has never carried a baby in what he called a “papoose” — and he was apparently (and inexplicably) steadfastly against it.

a man smiling for the camera © Action Images via Reuters/Paul Childs

It all started when Piers saw a photo of Daniel in civilian dad mode, carrying his baby girl nestled against his chest.

While some might have seen this image, said “Awww, cute,” and moved along, the Brit was apparently so disturbed that he felt the need to call the Spectre star out.

a man wearing a costume © Twitter / Piers Morgan

“Oh 007… not you as well?!!!” he tweeted alongside the photo, including the hashtags “papoose” and “emasculated Bond.”

Daniel Craig wearing a suit and tie © REUTERS/Benoit Tessier

Daniel and Rachel welcomed their first child together in late September.

a screenshot of a cell phone © Twitter / @avishaiw

Piers is known for his strong stances against a variety of things and also for rarely admitting defeat or standing down in Twitter feuds.

a screenshot of a cell phone © Twitter / @Nicole_Cliffe

Many spoke out against Piers’ claim that a man carrying his own child in a carrier is somehow not manly. His critics included celebrities like Avengers star Chris Evans, Lucifer actor Tom Ellis, and retired WWE wrestler Adam “Edge” Copeland.

a screenshot of a cell phone © Twitter / Chris Evans

The latter two even voiced their criticism alongside photos of themselves wearing their babies in carriers.

Tom Ellis smiling for the camera © Twitter / Tom Ellis a person holding a sign © Twitter / Adam (Edge) Copeland

Never one to back down, Piers responded to individual tweets to explain his position. According to him, he’s not against fathers caring for their kids or carrying them generally, just specifically when they do so “using an emasculating papoose.”

a screenshot of a cell phone © Twitter / Piers Morgan

In another tweet, he called this style of baby carrier “ridiculous.”

a screenshot of a cell phone © Twitter / Piers Morgan

This, of course, is only one man’s opinion. And plenty of studies have been done regarding the many benefits of babywearing, regardless of the gender of the parent doing the wearing.

But perhaps the best response of all came from the many nonfamous dads who stepped up to call Piers out. Shutting him down simply and effectively, these regular men tweeted photos of themselves wearing their own babies — and the pictures are absolutely adorable.

a person in a newspaper

© Twitter / @Dapperdavecash

It’s still not fully clear why Piers has adopted a firm arms-only stance on baby-holding. But one clever Twitter user suggested a solution that might make the TV host feel better about seeing the James Bond actor with his child.

a close up of a man © Twitter / @thepowerofmeow

What do you think of Piers’ position against men wearing their babies in a papoose or sling?


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