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Prince Harry is known as Prince Gary in Russia, and it's for a hilariously simple reason

INSIDER logoINSIDER 6 days ago Mikhaila Friel
Prince Harry wearing glasses and smiling at the camera © Adrian Dennis/ WPA Pool/ Getty Images
  • The Duke of Sussex - aka Prince Harry - is hilariously known as Prince Gary in Russia.
  • This is because the Russian alphabet makes the letter "H" sound like the letter "G."
  • This applies to all of your favorite Harrys, meaning Harry Potter is actually called Gary Potter to Russian fans.

Prince Harry has many royal titles. When he married Meghan Markle in 2018, he became the Duke of Sussex, and he also uses the title Earl of Dumbarton when he visits Scotland.

Now, however, we can add another title to the list: Prince Gary.

The bizarre name-change has nothing to do with Russian tradition, and it hasn't been written into official royal documentation. In fact, the reason for the title is much more simple than that.

It's all to do with the Russian alphabet. The letter "H" sounds like the letter "G", meaning the prince's name will be pronounced as Gary instead of Harry to Russian fans.

Or, if we're being technical about things, Harry could actually be known as Garri, which is short form for "Gerasim" - the Russian equivalent to "Harrold." The name means "respectable" and "honorable."

Obviously, the name switch goes for all Harrys, including the fictional Harry Potter. A Russian band called "London" even released a song called "Gary Potter" back in 2009.

Meanwhile, the name of the duke's new son, Archie, is pronounced exactly the same when translated to Russian. 

The name came as rather unexpected to royal family fans, as Archie - full name Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor - is not a traditional name in the eyes of the royal family.

While Archie doesn't appear to be named after any past royals, there are rumours that he was named after Prince Harry's former army mentor, Major Tom-Archer "Archie Burton.

Meanwhile, some fans have drawn comparisons to the fictional redhead Archie Andrews from the Archie Comics and the "Riverdale" series.

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