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Connect From Anywhere Off the Grid With the goTenna Mesh WiFi System

SPY logo SPY 10/9/2020 Taylor Galla
a man talking on a cell phone © Courtesy of @goTenna

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Smartphones made it so we could connect with our loved ones, friends and wider social network from anywhere at any time… theoretically. That’s true most of the time, except for when you don’t have service or access to a dependable WiFi source. Chances are, when you don’t have access to these connective sources is when you need them most, like when venturing off the grid and your car breaks down or you hurt yourself when exploring a new remote hiking trail. Yikes, these formerly nightmare scenarios can be saved by the goTenna Mesh WiFi system, a sleek device that enables communication between two smartphones, even when there’s no service to be found.

goTenna Mesh wifi system © Provided by SPY goTenna Mesh wifi system a screenshot of a cell phone sitting on a table: goTenna mesh wifi © Provided by SPY goTenna mesh wifi

How does it work? Well, through mesh networking, an ingenious system that essentially turns your phones into walkie talkies. Each lightweight device pairs with a respective cellphone and establishes a connection between those two phones that enables you to send privately relayed messages.

This means that no matter where you are, or how far you are from one another, you can send texts and your GPS location without any cell service or WiFi instantly. As you can imagine, in the case of an emergency, this is a game changer.

This enables users to stay connected in the remotest of areas, avoid international cellphone plans on trips abroad, stay prepared in an emergency and navigate the cell service-less expanse that is most music festivals.

You can also download offline maps for your journey that you can navigate with the goTenna Mesh, and send hop messages between users. It works with any iOS or Android phone and comes with micro USB charging cables so you can power up before your journey.


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