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Best Golf Gloves 2022

Golf Monthly logo Golf Monthly 9/6/2022 Sam Tremlett
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Golf gloves are a staple for any player looking to play regularly. Playing without a glove can cause problems for your game and blisters on your hand. For that reason, choosing the right golf glove that fits you is vitally important. The best golf gloves fit and feel perfect, enhance your grip on the golf club and give you greater confidence to make the best swing possible. They also perform in different conditions and provide an excellent degree of value thanks to their durability and longevity. 

A good golf glove is one of the best golf accessories you can invest in because after all, your hands are the only part of your body that make contact with the club throughout the swing. It, therefore, stands to reason that you need the best grip and feel available. 

But there are a ton of options when it comes to golf gloves, with each suiting different requirements. For those seeking quality and feel trusted by top professionals, the premium leather offerings could be just the ticket. These gloves offer great comfort, breathability and unrivaled feel. What then are the best golf gloves currently on offer? We’ve reviewed and tested them and have selected our favorites below to help you decide which will suit your requirements.

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Best Golf Gloves

The idea behind the HyperFLX is to offer a blend of the soft feel and touch you would expect from a premium leather, tour-style glove with the durability and reliability of an all-weather option. The design of the HyperFLX features a Premium Cabretta Leather palm which seeks to provide a soft, comfortable feel along with excellent resistance to water and perspiration. 

The technology in this glove is pretty incredible, but it is expected of a brand like FootJoy, who also channels this innovation into some of the fantastic golf shoes they produce. This has been combined with a Microvent material on the back of the hand as well as Powernet Mesh Knuckles. This precise placement of finer gauge elastic material is there to aid moisture control, fit consistency and breathability. Overall, this is a great glove offering a blend of premium leather quality and technological innovation, it’s one of the best golf gloves out there.

This sleek and simple glove is the choice of TaylorMade’s top Tour players. It’s made from AAA Cabretta Soft Tech leather which is ultra-thin for maximum comfort and feel. The leather delivers a wonderful tackiness that means the grip it delivers on the club is excellent.

The contoured wristband and Velcro closure tab provide a comfortable and snug fit. The wristband is also moisture-wicking to keep your hand dry and sweat-free. This is a great-looking premium leather glove and would look even better paired up with a set of TaylorMade clubs. It's so good that we think it’s one of the best golf gloves on the market right now.

If you want to look like a professional on the course, this could be the glove for you. One of the best golf gloves on the market for many years now, this Titleist Players design offers a classic, timeless style - one trusted by many of the world’s top players. The glove is constructed from super thin, Cabretta leather for the ultimate in feel and touch. 

Like most of the best Titleist golf bags this glove is also very durable thanks to satin reinforcements around the cuff and thumb. The seams have been designed so as not to interfere with your grip on the club and the overall feel is excellent. It’s breathable thanks to cleverly placed perforations and this will help to stop your hand from becoming sweaty in warmer weather. 

This glove has been developed with feedback from Callaway’s staff players. Fundamentally, it’s a premium Cabretta leather glove but the introduction of Callaway’s innovative Griptac greatly enhances the tackiness and grip it delivers.

We found this to be not only a comfortable glove but it offers tremendous feel and control on the grip. The cuff of the glove is constructed from a moisture-wicking material and the closure system has been cleverly designed to provide a neat and solid fit. Strategically placed perforations mean the glove remains breathable in warmer conditions. Overall, this is a high-performance, premium golf glove that looks fantastic when paired with any outfit including some of the best golf polo shirts.

If you're looking for comfort and breathability then this is the glove for you. It features a ton of perforated holes across the back of the hand that makes this glove excellent for playing in hot conditions and will keep your hands feeling fresh and cool on the course. Under Armour are renowned for the technology that they put into their golf equipment and the Tour Cool fabric found on the back of the glove reaffirms this, by keeping your hands nice and cool. These gloves also come with a premium grip system that gives you great control over your shots, but also wicks moisture away quickly too, so if you do end up playing in a light drizzle, these gloves will stay very grippy.

Mizuno are renowned for making top-quality golf apparel. You only have to look to some of their golf irons to see this. But this golf glove lives up to that standard, showing that the brand are a big innovator when it comes to producing ergonomic and easy-to-use gear. This glove does just that. It delivers an exceptional feel and quality that is down to its premium quality leather material. It also offers great breathability too, with there being a ton of perforated holes located around the hand fingers and thumb on this golf glove. What's even sweeter about this glove is the buffered, soft interior which will caress your hands as you play your way around the course.

A model which received a five-star rating in a recent review, the Cobra Pur Tour glove offers a superb combination of fit and feel. Constructed from premium Cabretta leather, it’s super soft to the touch and it provides a fantastic, tacky grip.

As for fit, the Cobra Pur Tour glove is very true to size and, while it may be on the tighter side initially, it quickly stretches to ensure a firm and confident grip of the club. Our testing day was very hot indeed, but it offered fantastic breathability and is of the more durable premium leather offerings on the market.

FootJoy has been making the premium all-leather StaSof since 1980 and it remains the company’s most popular glove among tour players. Constructed from TactionLT Advanced Performance leather, it feels fantastic against your skin and it delivers that hint of natural tackiness you expect from high-end leather, helping you maintain a strong grip on the club.

Breathing holes on the front and back of the fingers help keep your hand cool, while the PowerNet mesh across the knuckles adds to the glove’s flexibility. The Velcro closure tab is slightly angled to work with the shape of the hand and overall, it’s a very comfortable glove to wear. Although leather won’t last like some synthetic fabrics, the StaSof is impressively durable and we found it will continue to perform after a number of rounds and practice sessions.

The 100% premium Cabretta leather of this adidas glove feels and performs like a premium glove with a soft feel, comfortable fit and excellent grip. It does give the impression that it is slightly smaller than other premium models but we liked it during testing.

As with most adidas golf products, the durability was solid after five rounds but there were slight scuff marks on the palm at this point. That being said, most gloves we tested did the same so this is not a reason to be put off by this model. No doubt it is in that higher bracket price point but well below some of the most expensive offerings, making it good value for what you get.

This is FootJoy’s most luxurious glove. Made from extremely soft Cabretta leather, it’s supremely supple and feels like a second skin on the hand. The specially treated leather molds to your hand and, together with the strategically placed, targeted elastic, the fit is second to none. Strategic perforations mean the glove is breathable and will keep your hand cool in warm weather.

The FootJoy Pure Touch feels great, looks great, and offers exceptional fit and feel. For more information on the range of FootJoy gloves out there, take a look at our guide on the best FootJoy golf gloves too.

Our testing of the new Bionic StableGrip 2.0 golf glove revealed plenty to like. Headlining the list, however, is the durability that this glove offers, which is quite simply better than anything that we've tested, an amazing achievement considering the premium Cabretta leather that has been used in its construction. Not only does the StableGrip 2.0 hold up incredibly well after significant use, it's also machine washable.

The StableGrip 2.0 also delivers precise, consistent sizing and a wide variety of sizes to choose from, and it ranks as one of the best golf gloves on the market for use in hot, humid weather, as it was designed to keep a player's hands cool and dry. The StableGrip 2.0 is on the thicker side in terms of finger padding and material, which might not appeal to everyone as it relates to feel.

The Wilson Staff Model is a premium golf glove which has been cut to tour-player specification for a precise fit and optimum feel. It is constructed from ultra-thin Cabretta leather which delivers an excellent feel on the golf club grip. 

The Wilson Staff Model is a premium golf glove which has been cut to tour-player specification for a precise fit and optimum feel. It is constructed from ultra-thin Cabretta leather which delivers an excellent feel on the golf club gript’s just right. In testing, we found it to be wonderfully soft and provides super grip and feel, which is precisely what you want from a glove.

This innovative glove from Payntr golf is designed to offer the best of two sides of glove performance – the feel of leather with protection from the weather. It’s constructed from an ultra-thin Cabretta leather for a soft and buttery, Tour-inspired feel and a precise fit.

But, with the incorporation of a hydrophobic coating, it also repels water and offers excellent grip in challenging weather. While you may want to also consider having a wet weather glove in your bag, this can still deliver good grip when the rain isn't too bad. Other technologies include an ergonomically-designed closure tab, strategic x-shaped perforation patterns to maximise flexibility and moisture-wicking, stretch elastic on the back of the hand for enhanced comfort and fit.

This all-purpose offering is a good all-around, versatile option that is durable and offers excellent value for money. The synthetic materials used are both comfortable and hard-wearing and will stand up to most weather conditions.

The textured palm offers excellent grip and a really nice tacky feel on the club. It’s lightweight and fast drying and the stretch material across and between the knuckles delivers a great fit – that’s aided by the excellent, precise closure tab. It is a solid, lightweight everyday glove and looks great paired up with any outfit.

It's no secret that G/Fore produces some extravagant golf clothing and this premium golf glove is no different. As worn by Bubba Watson, the G/Fore premium leather glove will help you stand out on the fairways – there’s a tremendous range of colors to choose from. But, it’s not just the looks that are worth commenting on. Constructed from AA Cabretta leather, it’s a very comfy glove offering an excellent and neat fit.

It's precision-crafted and is highly durable as a result. The seams are well placed as are the perforations. It’s designed so the wearer shouldn’t notice it and can play without distraction. We liked this model so much that we also included it in our guide on the best golf gloves for women too, showing just how versatile it is.

This flexible, comfortable, soft and durable glove offers the highest level of performance. The high-quality leather delivers a superb feel and even better feedback from the golf club and it performs well in hot and humid conditions.

The most impressive part of this glove is the durability of the leather. After a while on some golf gloves, you might see the leather peeling on the most affected areas (thumb, palm, and fingers). However, after well over 1,000 shots, the glove is not marked/damaged in any way, just discolored. For those seeking a high-quality, high-performance, simple leather glove – this is an excellent option.

The excellent Ping Tour glove is designed to deliver the ultimate soft feel and we think it does just that. The premium Cabretta leather is enhanced by Ping’s Micro-Pur technology to offer great levels of comfort and feel. The fingers are pre-curved to improve the fit and grip on the club and it features Ping’s SensorCool technology, also found in some of the Ping golf apparel featured on our best golf polos guide, that'll keep you cool and dry during warmer days on the course. 

Developed in conjunction with Austrian Tour pro Marcus Brier, Zoom gloves are one-size-fits-all and have been engineered to fit like a second skin. Featuring a FLEXX-FIT technology that is essentially a Lycra-style section that incorporates a mix of flex zones to fit the contours of a golfer’s hand, it does just that.

The back of the glove is stretch Lycra while the palm is a highly durable all-weather material. We like the fact that the glove’s structure is such that it doesn’t lose its shape, even when it gets wet. It’s a solid item of equipment and it also comes in blue!

The Duca del Cosma Fontana glove is a 100% premium Cabretta leather model that looks and feels just how a quality golf glove should. It's soft, high quality and looks superb with an all-white finish and Duca del Cosma branding. The branding comes in the form of raised rubber detailing that adds to the premium feel. 

The color choice is slightly odd, however, as it is a light shade of brown that is tough to style with garments. An all-black or more traditional color choice would be preferred. There is a large number of holes for breathability and after a couple of wears it has loosened up to fit perfectly. Everything about this glove is high-class.

Sold on style and sold on comfort this fantastic offering from Alpha Athletics delivers performance and excellent looks on the golf course. While it might not be for everyone, we loved the gold detailing on the knuckle area and around the strap. The AAA genuine leather provides excellent comfort to your hands and delivers superb grip on the club. One thing to note too was the strength of the velcro strap, which added a layer of security and comfort to the glove. It is really well ventilated too and offers a nice fit that doesn't restrict your hand's movements.

Well known for the durability of their golf gloves, this offering from Bionic truly lives up to their reputation. Using soft Cabretta leather to design these gloves, the Bionic is a thick and hard-wearing option that we thought looked good as new after a few range sessions, 15 holes of golf and two machine washes. If you struggle with getting the right fit too, you'll have no problems here with Bionic touting the glove's new Dual Expansion Zone Thumb, which Bionic say allows the glove to better fit any sized thumb. 

This glove is also quite thick compared to other offerings and that is particularly noticeable when looking at the finger padding it offers. That is great for newcomers who may be looking for a little more padding, but isn't so good if you're a golfer who prefers feel the shot. 

How we test golf gloves

In terms of testing golf gloves we should say our process is similar to all the other golf gear reviews we produce in that manufacturers cannot pay for a good review, and we tell it how we see it. We seek to try and be as comprehensive as possible in testing and reviewing the product which means we have used it over a number of rounds, in different conditions, because this often gave us great insight into things like durability, fit, quality and so on. We should say that everyone in the Golf Monthly team are golfers at a variety of levels which we feel gives an honesty and integrity to the reviews we produce.

What to look for in a golf glove

You may not think the golf glove is that important compared to other pieces of equipment however it really is, after all, it is the only part of the body that remains connected with the club throughout the swing. So what are the things you need to think about when looking into purchasing a new golf glove? Well below are some factors and pieces of advice to consider.

1. Which hand? 

For the beginners out there, a golfer who plays right-handed will typically wear a golf glove on their left hand. This is because the left hand is the lead hand in the swing provided the player has a conventional grip. Golfers who play left-handed typically wear a glove on their right hand.

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2. Type 

First things first, know what type of glove you want. You may be after a premium leather model which will perform totally differently to a synthetic or even a wet weather model. These do different things and more importantly feel different so think about what you like to feel when wearing a golf glove and hoose accordingly.

3. Material 

The material will also be important too. The top premium leather models are designed to feel soft whilst also giving you a good feel of the grip during the swing. They are essentially designed to be like a second skin. Some gloves also have synthetic parts on them which are designed to offer more stretch, especially along the knuckles. These synthetic gloves also might be more durable than the leather designs. Finally, wet weather gloves are more about protection than feel. The material on most all-weather models offers more grip the wetter they get so if you play in an area with a lot of rain, definitely consider a model designed to deal with it.

4. Fit  

We can hear you asking how should a glove fit? Well, the golf glove should feel like a second skin with no excess material either across the palm of the hand or at the end of the fingers. Make sure there’s a snug fit across the palm and there’s no loose material at the end of the fingers. But you also don’t want a glove to be so tight that it feels like it’s cutting off the blood supply. You should be able to stretch your fingers and make a ball with your fist without the glove pulling or over-stretching.

5. Breathability

This is a big point to consider when buying a new golf glove especially if you're playing in warmer conditions where your hand can sweat and slip along the grip of the golf club. For that reason, you need to consider buying a golf glove that can keep your hand well-ventilated on the course. 

For more advice on the best golf gloves for breathability, check out our guide on the best golf gloves for sweaty hands.


Do golf gloves actually help?

The simple answer here is yes. Golf gloves provide grip and are tackier than normal gloves which allows the player be able to grip onto the golf club with more confidence and stability. If a player is not using a golf glove then the club may twist in their hands which could lead to errant shots. Golf gloves are also designed to be able to deal with sweat and wet conditions as well, both of which can have a detrimental impact on grip throughout the golf swing.

What glove should I wear for golf?

We would always recommend wearing a golf glove that has been designed for the game because this will ensure grip, stability and confidence. In terms of which hand, a golfer who plays right-handed will typically wear a golf glove on their left hand. The reason for this is; with a conventional grip, the left hand is placed at the top of the club and is the lead hand through the swing. It's essential that the left hand provides a firm attachment to the club. The opposite is true for left-handed players. 

Why do professional players take their golf gloves off to putt?

Pro golfers often take their gloves off to putt and sometimes chip as some feel it gives them greater control and feel on the putter and the wedge. That means you are more able to hit dinky shots and judge the speed of the ball better. 


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