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GE Profile PTD90EBPTRS 900 Series Dryer Review logo 11/2/2022 Mark Brezinski
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The GE Profile PTD90EBPTRS 900 Series dryer (available at Best Buy for $899.99) pairs a great drying performance with ultra-slow drying times. As consumers have come to expect from GE’s Profile brand, tech is ingrained in its products and the PTD90EBPTRS is truly elevated by its extras, from customized cycles to smart notifications that make chores easier. It’s also a wrinkle fighter with various steam modes and a Fabric Refresh that helps renew clothes without you having to wash them first. We test lots of dryers, and if you’re searching for an alternative with faster cycle times, read through our list of best dryers on the market. The Samsung DVE45R6100C can get laundry 100% dry with its 51-minute Normal cycle.

The GE Profile 900 Series PTD90EBPTRS keeps its controls along a curved back panel. The cycle-selection dial is placed front and center and is flanked by two touchpads for cycle customization.

Opening the door reveals its 7.3-cubic-foot, stainless steel drum. The inside of the door features an 8-ounce reservoir for fabric softener.

About the GE Profile 900 Series PTD90EBPTRS dryer

  • Dimensions: 43.88” x 27” x 31” (H x W x D)
  • Capacity: 7.3 cubic feet
  • Finishes: Gray, Sapphire Blue
  • Cycles: Normal, Mixed Loads, Delicates, Jeans, Towels, Bulky, Quick Dry, Sanitize, Timed Dry, Downloaded
  • Cycle options: Fabric Refresh, Steam, Reduce Static, Tangle Control, Wrinkle Care, EcoDry, 5 temperature settings, 5 dryness levels
  • Special features: Smart features via SmartHQ, including Alexa and Google Assistant integration, IFTTT, and Sonos
  • Matching washer: GE Profile PTW905BPTRS
  • User manual: GE Profile 900 Series PTD90EBPTRS dryer manual

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What we like

Every cycle offers solid drying

Across the board, the GE Profile PTD90EBPTRS puts up impressive numbers when it comes to raw drying power. The Normal and Delicates cycles both ended with laundry 99.11% dry, the Quick Dry cycle managed 86.21%, and the Bulky cycle got a comforter 98.08% dry.

While all of these results are above average, the most notable result is the Bulky cycle, which removed 19% more water than the average dryer. Ultimately, this dryer is an effective dryer of clothing—but almost all dryers are.

Steam features help fight wrinkles

We’re pretty big fans of steam features on a dryer, because it allows the machine to take on the chore of ironing out wrinkles. While ironing can be a cathartic activity in theory, in practice nobody has time for it.

If you’ve forgotten to grab your laundry after a drying cycle, only to unload a dense ball of creased fabric, then you’ll be happy to hear that the GE Profile PTD90EBPTRS’s Wrinkle Care option mitigates this problem. This cycle option keeps the drum tumbling and steaming your clothes for up to an hour after a cycle, which means fresh and wrinkle-free laundry for you.

Opening just the front portion of the GE Profile PTD90EBPTRS’s door reveals a small, 8-ounce reservoir for fabric softener to be used with the Fabric Refresh mode. It allows you to add wrinkled laundry for a freshening up tumble without putting that laundry through an entire wash cycle first. This option is great for jeans or sweaters.

Sanitize mode keeps things clean

On top of all the anti-wrinkle modes steam provides, it also allows the air inside the dryer to get hot enough to enable a sanitize mode. In the age of Covid, sanitize modes are more important than ever.

This mode can be a boon to parents who need the sanitize mode to deal with all the fun stains that come along with having a baby. Poop and baby vomit, we’re looking at you.

What we don’t like

Most cycles take longer than average to finish

Sure, we love this dryer’s raw drying power, as stated above, but here’s the rub: Almost all dryers get clothes 100% dry during the normal cycle, but the GE Profile PTD90EBPTRS takes over 50% longer than average to do so. And this is the crux of what we don’t love about this machine.

While Quick Dry managed to finish in an average 25 minutes during testing, and the Delicates cycle only took about 12 minutes longer than other dryers on average, the Normal and Bulky cycles kept us waiting: Each took over 40 minutes longer than the average washer (43.5 and 41.7 minutes respectively).

Compounding this issue is something we’ve seen across a lot of different modern dryers recently: The time estimates that the machine gives you before each cycle are wildly inaccurate. This is because a lot of modern dryers have humidity sensors that help inform them when the laundry is actually dry, and they use that info to extend the length of a cycle if things seem too damp.

While not a huge issue in and of itself, it can be annoying in practice: You start a cycle, set your phone timer, then come back down to see it still has more time left on it. So you sigh, reset your phone timer and come back down, only to find it still has an arbitrary amount of time left in the cycle.

Fortunately, this is actually where the smart features can help: You can get a notification when the cycle is actually complete, sent directly to your SmartHQ app, rather than trust the machine’s bad time estimates.

What owners are saying

The GE Profile PTD90EBPTRS is still fairly new, so there aren’t a ton of user reviews available online. Based on what is available, owners seem happy with their purchase, awarding this 900 Series dryer an average of 4.5 stars out of 5 across major retailers.

Most reviews focus on the sleek looks of the dryer, praise its ability to get loads of laundry dry, and say its steam features are useful.


GE offers the industry-standard one-year warranty that covers parts and labor. Other manufacturers offer much more robust warranty programs that cover certain parts, like the drum or motor, for up to ten years.

Should you buy the GE Profile PTD90EBPTRS dryer?

Yes—Though expensive, this dryer offers solid performance and excellent extras

The GE Profile PTD90EBPTRS is an interesting dryer to try to evaluate. Just looking at its core performance, it falls on the high side of average. This GE will certainly leave you with dry clothes. Just don't expect to get them in a hurry on the normal cycle.

Where the PTD90EBPTRS really makes a case for its purchase price is with its extras. It features several steam features, the Fabric Refresh mode, and more.

The machine also has smart features, like smart assistant integration, but we found the notifications to be the most valuable feature here (because the estimated cycle times were so inaccurate).

If you want a dryer with faster times, the Samsung DVE45R6100C can gets laundry completely dry in under and hour—and it’s currently on clearance at Best Buy for just $650.

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