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The Best Inflatable Couches will Have You Sitting on Cloud 9

SPY logo SPY 7/21/2021 Jonathan Zavaleta
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Sofas and couches are generally seen as investment purchases, meant to be made with a sober mind and an eye toward a future of potential moves and changing tastes. That’s why many of the most popular options come from brands with a mid-century modern angle — think Article, Burrow and Floyd. These sofas come in muted colors, have minimal detailing and are built to be trend-proof. But have you considered throwing a middle finger up to all that and just getting an inflatable sofa? For most people, the answer is probably “no.” But inflatable sofas are the kind of fun, offbeat and surprisingly functional furniture purchase that’s worth considering.

One of the most practical uses for an inflatable couch is for outdoor lounging. An inflatable sofa, chair or couch can be easily set up and taken down, making it great for backyard hangs or turning your camping trip into a glamping trip. If you don’t have your own backyard and only have shared outdoor space, an inflatable couch can be a great way to make the most of that area.

As for indoor use, an inflatable couch can be great if you’re having guests over and need to add a temporary sleeping/sitting situation for your group. But — and hear us out — an inflatable couch can actually be a permanent seating situation. There are a handful of good-looking, durable options that will make a stylish (if eccentric) addition to your living room. And if you need to move? An inflatable couch will be much, much easier to carry than that leather Chesterfield.

These are the best inflatable couches to buy.


1. MOJOW Yomi Aluminium & TPU Sofa


This sofa from MOJOW isn’t cheap, but considering the fact that it looks like a Jeff Koons piece, it’s not that expensive. The sofa has aluminum legs with transparent, inflated cells for seating. The TPU material is UV protected to resist sun damage. It’s available with contrasting piping to add a little extra dimension.

a chair sitting in front of a window: inflatable couch © Provided by SPY inflatable couch   

2. Fatboy Lamzac Lounge Chair


This inflatable lounger from Fatboy is somewhere between a sofa and hammock, with thick cushions on the sides and a crevasse for sinking into in the middle. There’s no need to bring a pump, either. You simply wave it around to inflate it. You can sit upright on it, or lie down between the two cushions like a giant, comfy hot dog.

a blue umbrella: inflatable couch © Provided by SPY inflatable couch   

3. Intex Pull-Out Inflatable Bed Series


Intex is a leader in the market of inflatable goods, and they make inflated products ranging from swimming pools to airbeds to kayaks. That’s why it’s no surprise that they make one of the best inflatable couches. This sofa has a comfortable cushion that folds out to turn into a mattress. The sofa isn’t made of the same plasticky material as you might find on a kiddie pool. Rather, the sofa bed has a plush, velvety texture for all-day comfort. It even has cupholders.

a brown leather couch in a living room: inflatable couch © Provided by SPY inflatable couch Buy: Intex Inflatable Couch $67.99   

4. Wekapo Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa


This lounger from Wekapo is built for every outdoor adventure, but it’s so cozy you might just end up using it at home. When inflated, it has two large cushions to cradle you, or you can sit upright in it. You don’t even need a pump to inflate it. You simply wave it around to catch the air, then pinch the top to hold the pressure.

graphical user interface: inflatable couch © Provided by SPY inflatable couch Buy: Wekapo Inflatable Couch $39.98   

5. Intex Inflatable Sectional Sofa


What could be more comfortable than a sectional? How about an inflatable one. This inflatable sofa from Intex comes in a classic beige color and has a traditional L-shape. The vinyl bottom helps keep the sofa securely in place, while the plush top will be comfortable enough for your movie marathons.

a close up of furniture: inflatable couch © Provided by SPY inflatable couch   

6. Mojow Yomi 4 Piece Living Room & Garden Set


An inflatable couch is great, but why not get the whole set? This option includes two chairs, one sofa and an ottoman. This option has wood, rather than aluminum, as its base and leg material. The natural wood construction, combined with the green color, makes it a great piece for a garden or outdoor space.

inflatable couch © Provided by SPY inflatable couch   

7. Intex Inflatable Empire Chair


A couch is nice, but maybe you don’t feel like sharing. In that case, consider this inflatable chair from Intex, which has a comfortable rounded shape for seating one person. The contoured seat and velvety texture make this the kind of chair that you won’t want to get out of. And to ensure your chair won’t go anywhere if you’re outside on a windy day, the base can be filled with water.

a green plant: inflatable couch © Provided by SPY inflatable couch Buy: Intex Inflatable Couch $39.55   

8. Funboy Floating Lip Couch


Lip sofas have the kind of retro-kitsch appeal that makes them a charming choice for anyone with an offbeat sense of style. Done in a vinyl PVC, the kitsch factor kicks into overdrive. Sure, this particular option is meant for a pool. But at over 7′, it’s large enough to sit on at home. It also has cupholders.

a close up of a device: inflatable couch © Provided by SPY inflatable couch   

9. Fatboy Lamzac O Lounge Chair


This lounge chair from Fatboy combines the comfort of a bean bag with the portable packability of an inflatable bed. It’s designed to inflate quickly, without the use of a pump. A repair kit and carry bag are included with the chair. It comes in stylish colors like blush, peach and red. And though it may not be an inflatable couch per se, it’s certainly an inflatable piece of furniture worth considering!

inflatable couch © Provided by SPY inflatable couch   

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