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You Can Buy $25 Custom T-Shirts on Amazon—And They’re Completely Worth It

Men's Health logo Men's Health 1/19/2022 Katie Dupere

There is perhaps no greater search in one’s life than the quest for the perfect T-shirt. There’s something about shopping for the go-to wardrobe essential that always leaves a person wanting more. Whether your bulging biceps just never fit correctly in department store options or your ample belly doesn’t fare well in fast-fashion selects, tees are tough. And that’s putting it lightly.

If you are sick of being a T-shirt hunter-gatherer who is never quite satiated, Amazon may have the custom solution for you. Best part? It will only set you back $25.

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Made for You T-shirts by Amazon are customized by shoppers, tailored to their exact style and fit preferences. And you don’t even need measuring tape to get it right—just your smartphone.

The best way to order a Made for You shirt is through the Amazon app, though you can fine-tune your selection on your desktop if you’d prefer. To get measured via Amazon’s app, you just have to provide your height, weight, body style, and take two photos of yourself in fitted clothing. From there, Amazon creates a virtual body double of you, which allows you to visualize further customizations like the tee's fit, fabric, color, shirt length, sleeve length, and neckline.

As a plus-size woman who has been body-shamed throughout her life (and therefore leading to fun emotional body-related trauma), the thought of being confronted with a virtual body double was more anxiety-inducing than anything. But seeing my double with all her curves and generous a** was actually confidence raising—at least for me. Not only was the virtual body double accurate to how my body looks, but it allowed me, a very visual shopper, to better select my style and fit preferences.

made for you © Courtesy of Retailer made for you

When it comes to my personal concerns while shopping for a T-shirt, I have, well, a lot. I often tell people I have shoulders like a football player, causing the teeny-tiny sleeves of women’s T-shirts to lay weird on my arms. I also have what I refer to as an “elongated torso,” which makes many tees fit too short on me. And, finally, I hate tight-fitting tees that hug and highlight some of my body insecurities. Hey, as much as I try to be the confident plus-size woman who doesn’t give a s***, this is my journey.

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In selecting my perfect Made for You tee, I chose a white V-neck in a thicker Pima cotton, wanting to go with something classic. I went for a long fit to curb those “elongated torso” struggles and decided for a relaxed fit to stick with my comfort level. I picked a low V-neck to show some skin, and elbow-length sleeves to counteract my shoulders that would make Tom Brady jealous.

The shirt came to my doorstep surprisingly quick—arriving in a few days. For a custom piece of clothing, the instant gratification that Amazon is known for was still there. And, to be honest, my Made for You tee is the best-fitting T-shirt I’ve worn in a long time. The material rivals some $50 tees I own, though the fit is far superior—and that’s because it’s customized to my liking. The sleeves actually cover my arms, and the length actually fits long, which is a luxury in my book. It’s the perfect relaxed jeans-and-tee T-shirt that I could dress up or down depending on my mood.

The service is especially great for those who have particular concerns when it comes to T-shirt shopping. Whether you are a short guy who struggles to find a tee that doesn't run too long or a big-and-tall dude who lacks shopping options in general, you'll find Amazon's Made for You service fills a hole in the market. Happen to bulk up recently? This program's sure to have you covered.

And for $25? It’s more than worth it.

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made for you © Courtesy of Retailer and Katie Dupere made for you

There are limitations, however, to the service. Right now, Amazon only lets you select a weight 400 pounds and under while inputting your stats, with even lower weight caps for some shorter heights. Many plus-size people who weigh in at 400 pounds and over struggle to find any clothing that will fit them, making this service ideal for those who often can’t find their size in popular retailers online or in stores. However, the current weight cap seemingly leaves these people behind—arguably some of the folks who need a service like this most.

But for a new and relatively unknown service, Made for You by Amazon is an innovative concept that makes customizing clothing actually affordable. For those with body quirks that are never accounted for in fast-fashion tees, this is a game-changer. Elongated torso fam, I’m talking to you.

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