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24 Things That Were Considered Scandalous 100 Years Ago But Are Totally Normal Now

Best Life Logo By Bob Larkin of Best Life | Slide 1 of 25: Like Tom Cruise in Top Gun, we all feel the “need for speed.” But the lust to reach dangerous and ill-advised speeds for a thrill is a fairly new impulse. The world’s first speeding ticket, given to a speed-devil Ohio motorist in 1904, was for going a mere 12 miles per hour. Some people were so terrified of machines propelling us forward at mild speeds that they predicted it could result in everything from immediate asphyxiation to a moral and intellectual decline. “Veracious people will turn into the most immeasurable liars,” one anxious anti-train zealot wrote in an 1830 op-ed. “All their conceptions will be exaggerated by their magnificent notions of distance.” But since speeding is still illegal, make sure you know the 10 Ways to Speed Without Getting a Ticket.

Human beings have come a long way in the last 100 years. Sure, we managed to beat Hitler, plant a flag on the moon, and invent that whole Internet thing, but we accomplished other things, too. For instance, did you know that we got over our collective fear of seeing women wearing pants? It’s true! Also, we finally learned that tomatoes aren’t “poison apples,” cleaning ourselves on a daily basis wasn’t so bad, and those newfangled “horseless carriages” might not be a passing fad, after all. And that’s just the beginning.

Here are 25 things that humans found to be scandalous or outré a century ago that are completely normal today. And for an even closer look at how quickly things change, here are 20 Present-Day Facts No One Could Have Predicted Five Years Ago.

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