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Woman's Scary Story Is a Stern Warning for Solo Female Travelers

WanderWisdom 11/23/2022 Kathleen Joyce
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You always have to be vigilant when traveling alone.

While we never want to discourage women from traveling alone, we do want to spread awareness of the risks that they can face and share advice that can help keep them safe. Solo female travelers can be targeted by some unsavory types, so its crucial for solo female travelers to keep a good head on their shoulders and take extra precautions.

TikTok beauty vlogger Elissa, aka @shyof40, shares a scary story of an old trip she took to Vancouver. It's a reminder that you can't ever be too careful!

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This is super scary. It's unnerving, the things that people will do to try and get solo travelers to open their hotel doors. The simple act of her ignoring the man at her door and staying in bed may have very well saved her life that day. 

We feel bad for her, still- she thinks that eating alone at her hotel might have made her a mark. It's sad and unfair that something as simple as eating alone, which is something she should have been free to enjoy, could potentially have made her stand out. Luckily, they didn't try to approach her until she was in her hotel room, and she didn't fall for the bait.

Solo travelers related to this scary experience. "You listened to your intuition and that saved your life. As women we need to do that more often," praised @marykoufalis. "Yeah, unless alarms are going off and I see people leaving, I will not be opening a door to a random man. No way. Glad you stayed safe!" agreed @borgpalace. "Happened to me in India at a 4 star hotel. 11 pm some1 banging my door.. I checked the peephole no 1 was there, then banging again," related @nehad1979. Scary!

If you're ever in a similar situation, don't be afraid to do whatever it takes to protect yourself.  "I used to do Resort Security. You should have called Front Desk to determine if there was an Emergency or someone was trying to get in your room," advised @robbiered6. If that person at your door isn't supposed to be there, staff can get security up to you right away. "Better precaution, get a hotel door lock key. Demand management check the cameras," added @vibespositivity.

At the end of the day, trust your gut. If something seems off, there's a good chance that it is! 

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