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Bottlenose Dolphins Swim Alongside Jet Ski in Tasmania

A pod of bottlenose dolphins swam and leapt alongside a Jet Ski heading back into Port Esperance in Dover, Tasmania, on September 29. Jimmy Marshall recorded this video and originally posted it to Facebook. Marshall wrote in the original Facebook caption that he had been watching seals on rocks when the dolphins appeared and began swimming next to him. “We just stayed the same speed and same direction and they stayed with us, coming and going as they pleased for about 20 minutes,” he said in the caption. Marshall said at first there were only two, then suddenly there were four. “At one stage they were all jumping around us and splashed us with their tails as they leaped,” he said on Facebook. “These guys left us and then 3 bottlenose and two seals started jumping around us! All in all, a crazy, magical experience!” The dolphins can be seen gliding under and around the Jet Ski before disappearing down into the water. Credit: Jimmy Marshall via Storyful
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