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20 Generic Brands That Amazon Created

Amazon's growing collection of private brands offers everything from toilet paper and coffee to motor oil and clothing. Perhaps you’ve heard of AmazonBasics. It’s among Amazon’s oldest house brands, introduced 11 years ago next month. In a way, AmazonBasics is to Amazon what the Kirkland brand is to Costco. But chances are good that you’ve never heard of many Amazon brands. In recent years, the retail giant has amassed dozens of private brands and other product collections that are exclusive to Amazon — basically, forms of generic brands or house brands. And just as the house brands sold in stores generally are cheaper than the brand-name equivalents that sit next to them on the shelf, Amazon-brand products may offer better value than their brand-name counterparts. In fact, some of the steepest discounts that Amazon has offered during the past few Prime Day sales were on its own brands. So, it pays to get to know the exclusive brands of the nation’s second-largest retailer based on sales. Following is a look at some of Amazon’s own brands.
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