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A Black mother and son discuss "the talk” and coping with police brutality

Like so many mothers of Black children, Rebeckah Price has had “the talk” with her three sons about potential threats from the police. She explained the reality that some people may view their skin color with fear, and that fear could put them in danger. Price felt like it was important for her to be transparent with her sons about the realities they would face as they grew from Black boys to Black men. “Those conversations for me and them started at a very young age because I wanted to keep it real with them and not let them have a wake up call. Sometimes the wake up call might be the only call,” said Price. “Really making them understand that at some point, people are not going to see you the way that I see you. People are going to see you as a threat.” Price’s 21 year-old son, Jahbril, says, “My earliest memory of really sitting down and listening to what my parents had to say, was probably Trayvon Martin, and he was around the same age,” Jahbril recalls. “I started to really be emotionally attached to seeing people who look like me die just for being themselves, and that hurt me.” he says. “I just want to wild out and be the Blackest version of myself, but I can’t even do that,” he told Yahoo Life. “There are some times where I want to wake up and put on a du rag and walk outside, but I can’t do that.” In Jan., Price shared a meditation for Black sons, which was inspired by George Floyd and the final words of Eric Garner — “I can’t breathe.” In it, she reminds her children of their beauty, strength and resilience. She reminds her sons that they are worthy. She reminds them to breathe.


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