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These Are the Signs You’re Dealing With ‘Hurry Sickness’

These Are the Signs You’re Dealing With ‘Hurry Sickness’ . If you’re the type of person that constantly races to complete tasks and gets annoyed by obstacles, you might be dealing with “hurry sickness.” . Hurry sickness is characterized by a chronic, overwhelming sense of urgency to get things done quickly, even when there’s no need to do so. . Here are five signs you’re dealing with hurry sickness. 1. Everything feels like a race. . 2. You can't focus on just one task at a time. 3. You get extremely irritated when you encounter a delay. . 4. You always feel like you’re behind schedule. 5. You obsess over completing to-do lists. Here are five pieces of advice to help you deal with hurry sickness. 1. Determine which tasks are actually time sensitive and which can wait. . 2. Start with a small window of time for relaxing and work on increasing it over time. 3. Establish an evening routine to help you wind down. . 4. Set aside time each day for deep thought and reflection. 5. Allow your loved ones to give support
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