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Her Little Sister Purposely Scheduled Her Wedding On The Same Day As Hers So They Can Have A Double Wedding, But That's Not What She Wants

Chip Chick logo: MainLogo Chip Chick 3 days ago Abby Connolly

Have you ever been to a double wedding? I’ve heard of them in TV shows or movies but have never seen one happen. 

One woman feels emotionally exhausted after her younger sister decided to schedule her wedding for the same day as hers and has family members suggesting they host a double wedding. 

She got engaged all the way back in 2018. Her sister, who is one year younger, got engaged last year. 

She’s always had issues with her sister, who she describes as an “attention hog.” 

“She’s also the mean girl,” she said. “When we were kids, the adults really loved her and thought she was such a perfect girl, but to me, to our cousins, she was awful. She was a bully.”

When her cousins saw that the two weddings were scheduled on the same day, in solidarity, they all said they would go to her wedding and not her little sister’s because of how she treated them in the past.

Growing up, her little sister would tell her she would intentionally try to take attention away from her during important events like birthdays and ceremonies.

It got so bad and went on for so many years, to the point where she eventually decided to maintain as little contact as possible with her sister and parents.

She’s heard reports from other family members that her sister hasn’t changed, even though they’re all grown up now.

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Instead of their parents suggesting that her little sister reschedule her wedding, they think they should have a double wedding. 

“I found it such a ridiculous request and said so,” she explained. “I was accused of being a bully for saying I would never do a double wedding with her.”

Now she has several relatives, including aunts and uncles, reaching out to her and calling her selfish for refusing to have a double wedding with her bully of a sister. 

Do you think she should consider it or stand her ground and keep her wedding sacred to herself?

You can read the original post on Reddit here. 

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