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Massachusetts real estate transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties Dec. 27, 2020 logo 12/27/2020 The Republican,


Deborah Skinner to Sara M. Drake, 35 Beekman Dr., Unit 35, $160,000.

Edward R. Lacour Jr. and Andrea F. Lacour to Caron A. Lacour, 84 Meadowbrook Road, $150,000.

Gabriel Degray and Lauren Degray to James Joseph Heffernan, 28 Spencer St., $280,000.

Marilyn Marzo Gillespie and Phillip Keith Gillespie to Daniel R. Muggleton, 13G Castle Hills Road, $257,000.

Mark H. Rivers to Marcus Rodriguez, 73 Alfred Circle, $180,000.

Michael J. Ward and Laurel A. Ward to Tara Lynn Marshall, 34 Norman Terrace, $203,000.

Palatium Realty Inc. to Lufti Azizov, 270 Maple St., $260,000.

Rosemarie E. Kieffer to Heather L. Burbeck-Rodriguez, 44 Southwick St., $255,000.

Sumner R. Saffer to Linda M. Cardaropoli, 97 Beekman Drive, $169,900.


Lindsay Smith and Renata Smith to John Corrigan and Karen Corrigan, 1260 Bay Road, $347,000.

Yeshi Gyaltsen and Dolkar Gyaltsen to STONYHILLCRIB028 LLC, 30 Sunrise Ave., $315,000.

Jamieson S. Grillo and Lydia Chin to STONYHILLCRIB028 LLC, 4 Moss Lane, $270,000.

Joseph M. Berman to Keelin J. Berman and Grace M. Berman, 287 Shutesbury Road, $100.

James L. Wallace, trustee, and Revocable Indenture of Trust of James L. Wallace to Molly Gallagher, 211 Wildflower Drive and Old Farm Road, $569,000.


Nada B. Sellers and Patricia R. Koons to Patricia R. Koons, 52 Old Springfield Road and Springfield Road, $100.

David A. Ladizki to David A. Ladizki, trustee, and Revocable Indenture of Trust of David A. Ladizki, Franklin Street, $100.

Scott A. Seifel and Mary R. Seifel to Brianna Marie Lacki and Sean Lacki, 120 Kennedy Road, $305,000.

Jeremy D. Cushing to Sarah Cathleen Cartel, 426 Allen St., $243,500.

Steven F. Landau, personal representative, Joseph Twersky, personal representative, Sondra Rappaport, estate, and Sandy D. Rappaport, estate, to Amy Rappaport, 156 Barton Ave., $100.

Amy Rappaport to Robert A. Amlaw and Michelle L. Amlaw, 156 Barton Ave., $300,000.

Robert J. Medeiros and Dawn Medeiros to Charles A. Pappis III, and Karri Pappis, 173 Railroad St., $375,000.

Michael A. Chotkowski and Heather Bourbeau to Dawn B. Medeiros and Robert J. Medeiros, 55 South Main St., $330,000.

Girard Homes Inc., to Heidi L. Bonafini and Brian Woodward, State Street and 387 State St., $80,000.

Richard Warrington and Sunye Warrington to Cameron Currie and Martyna Currie, 35 Eugene Drive, $410,000.


Jason A. Bassett and Shannon P. Bassett to Gabrielle T. Young, 13 Bald Mountain Road, $270,000.


Deborah M. Decoigne to Brenda M. Spencer and Jeffrey B. Spencer, Charlemont Road, $15,000.


Vicky Seavey to Erik Peterson and Michelle Peterson, 280 Warner Hill Road, $125,000.


Hilltown Holdings LLC to Northeastern Holding Co. LLC, 126 Middlefield Road, $175,000.

Wendy L. Price and Wendy L. Maynard to James D. Adams, 162 Route 20, $20,000.


Joshua M. Becker and Paul Teeling to Christopher E. Landry, 664 Main Road, $305,500.


Americo A. Pereira and Alice Pereira to Luis Pereira, Hampden Street, $110,000.

Ashley M. Brickhouse, Timothy Fitzemeyer and Ashley M. B. Fitzemeyer to Jonavan Ramos, 33 Wintworth St., $215,000.

At Home Properties LLC, and Daniel Stamborski to Cathy L. Kline and Bryan M. Kline, 166 Pondview Drive, $250,000.

Carlos J. Ramos to Carlos J. Ramos and Keyla Mary Torres-Ramos, 114 Chapel St., $100.

Dominic Kirchner II, trustee, and Best4u Realty Trust, trustee of, to Lilian W. Wanjiku, 120 Cobb Ave., $235,000.

Gennadiy Kazimirov to Jacomo Serrano, 12 Emmett St., $256,000.

James David Diciocco and Paul J. Rolandini to Scott W. Litz, 133 Madison St., $270,000.

Karri Pappis, Karri Baillargeon and Charles A. Pappis III, to Aleicia Gillum, 66 Yorktown Ct., Unit 66, $168,000.

Kimberly Porter and Kimberly Elizabeth George to Tony V. Johnston and Carolyn Johnston, 33 Washington St., $215,000.

Krystal A. Kozikowski to Christopher S. Fanning, 36 Regency Court., Unit 15, $192,000.

Lori A. Milner to Brenda L. Enriques, 72 Yorktown Court., Unit 72, $165,000.

Louis A. Harrison Sr. and Yolanda Harrison to Saymar Rodriguez Vazquez, 89 Woodcrest Circle, $240,000.

Mark E. Carriveau, Paul R. Carriveau and Peter C. Carriveau to James L. Kennedy and Jessica M. Kennedy, 126 Edward St., $239,000.

Michael E. Fregeau and Marie T. Fregeau to Daphne A. Bolden, 16 Abbey St., $264,300.

Michael J. Richard and Ingrid E. Richard to Louis A. Harrison and Yolanda Harrison, 16 Lapa Farm Road, $297,000.

Nancy Currier and Nancy Walmer to Lee S. Mendoza and Alicia J. Mendoza, 104 Johnson Road, Unit 303, $170,000.

Nicholas Menec and Norma S. Menec to Matthew H. Johnson, 26 Lemay St., $172,000.

Paul E. Courchesne and Yvette M. Courchesne to Islander Robles and Brenda Robles, 81 Northwood St., $226,000.

Plata O. Plomo Inc. to Malikameer Andrade, 7 Lapa Farm Road, $240,000.

Roger P. Bergeron and Sylvie M. Bergeron to Cindy A. Wodecki, 39 Bonneta Circle, $250,000.

Szymon P. Wolanczyk and Cara M. Seidel to Cynthia A. Scott, 145 Holyoke Ave., $275,000.

Thomas F. Lyons and Susan E. Lyons to Susan E. Lyons, 380-382 East Main St., $100.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society, Christiana Trust, trustee, and Bcat 2017-19TT, trustee of, to Hector L. Hernandez, 54 Olko Circle, $220,000.


Michael J. Whiteman II, Daniel Whiteman, Peter Whiteman and David Whiteman to Owen L. Ouimet, 236 West Cummington Road, $211,500.


John Oates and Jaclyn Oates to Nicholas Clover-Brown and Noelle Serafino, 30 Stillwater Road, $370,000.

Jane L. Plumley and Willard E. Plumley to Vicki L. Martin, 11A Duncan Drive, Unit 17, Meadows of Deerfield, $297,000.

Ann -Mary Cloutier and David Potter to Anne S. Glass and William F. Glass Jr., 17 Sugarloaf St., $454,000.

Jeremy Ober to David Potter and Ann-Mary Cloutier, 51A Eastern Ave., $449,000

East Longmeadow

Colleen E. Kelley, representative, and Harry J. McCleery, estate, to Thomas E. Veratti and Kathleen Veratti, 39 Bond Ave., $75,000.

Gordon T. Daponte-Burson to Zakeya Scott, 181 Pleasant St., $236,000.

Maureen A. Burns, Brian E. Booth, Diana B. Duff and Diana A. Booth to Diana B. Duff, 24 Lee St., $200,000.

Steven L. Pratte and Erika Pratte to Raymond J. Galgano, 40 Rankin Ave., $328,000.

Ted F. Pleasant and Karen A. Orzell to Antonio Calabrese and Jennifer Calabrese, 92 Pine Grove Circle, $650,000.


Lauren M. Kessler to Laura M. Kessler and Aimee M. Levesque, 38 Spring St., and Crescent Street, $100.

William J. Campedelli to Darius Zelkha, 9-11 Terrace View. $343,000.

Edward D. Laprade, Christine M. Bowen, Linda A. Ball, Lorraine Laprade, Cheryl Laprade and Robert A. Ball to Elise S. Jablow and Myles A. Bittner, 210 East St., $315,000.


Gary E. Cole Estate, and Linda A. Cole, personal representative, to Jessica L. Goheen-Cole and Lisa M. Goheen-Cole, 181 Old State Road, $207,000.


Alfred J. Ciaglo Jr., trustee, Alfred J. Ciaglo, trustee, Terri A. Earle, trustee, and Woodchuck Nominee Trust to Alexandra Snook and Edward Way, 68 Hammond Circle, $308,000.

Adam Goode and Susan Goode to Michael G. George, Cape Street, $149,900.


Michael R. Hartbarger, Thomas I. Hartbarger and Richard L. Hartbarger to Rodney L. Hartbarger and A. Eloise Hartbarger, 172 Porter St., $100.

Doug Parker and Laurel Parker to Laurel Parker, Richard P. Hooker Jr., Marie S. Hooker and Doug Parker, 122 Maximilian Drive, $100.

Michelle L. Amlaw, Michelle L. Brown and Robert Allen Amlaw to Daniel R. Adams and Amy M. Adams, 166 Kendall St., $340,000.

James S. Worthworth and James S. Wordsworth to Cynthia Smith and C Brian K. Graves-Harrison, 73-75 South St., $350,000.

Judith L. Socha, personal representative, and John H. Gerke Jr., estate, to Joni E. Fleming, 662 Amherst Road, $100,000.

Micheline D. Turgeon to Todd Wagers and Lorrie Chmura, 144 New Ludlow Road, $215,000.

Hillside Builders & Remodelers Inc., to Acre Hill LLC, 43 East St., $100.


Ann M. Sweeney and Michael J. Sweeney to Jordan Javier Coriza and Raoul Kruger Graunt, 57 Meadow Wood Drive, $485,000.

Tom Friedman Enterprises LLC, to Cameron B. R. Kauffman and Kathleen Perry, 68-70 Pierce St., $237,000.

Judith B. Stein Estate, Carol Avonti, personal representative, to Todd Cousino, 185 Deerfield St., $46,000.

Jeffrey C. & Kathleen A. Wallace Irrevocable Real Estate Trust, and Kathleen A. Wallace, trustee, to Ann M. Sweeney and Michael Joseph Sweeney, 100 Bungalow Ave., $291,500.

Cindy L. Bayer to Eric S. Depalo, 346 Leyden Road, and Leyden Road, $225,000.

Johnson Funding Trust, Linda Susan Deamicis, trustee, and Steven Johnson, trustee, to Lynn Bassett, 30 Nichols Drive, $250,000.

Select Portfolio Servicing Inc., attorney, Citibank NA, trustee, by attorney, to Paul D. Viens, 107 James St., Unit 7A, James Street Condominium, $85,600.


Valley Construction Co Inc., to Nicole M. Morrison and Sharyn L. Morrison, 6 Colony Drive, $173,500.


Amy G. St. Germain to Courtney Lyn Gilrein, 395 Wilbraham Road, $145,000.

Eric R. Foisy and Jennifer L. Foisy to Robin L. Savitt-King, 64 Raymond Drive, $275,000.

Lori Curley to Brenda A. Gouin and Matthew M. Gouin, 39 Circleview Drive, $264,900.

Ronald K. Cudnik and Cheryl M. Cudnik to Eric Foisy and Jennifer Foisy, 8 Country Club Drive, $434,900.


Maxgate Properties LLC, to West Street Partners LLC, 187 West St., $835,000.

Thomas B. Rosati to Susan Donnelly, 44 Linseed Road, $298,000.


Argeris Nancy Naldrett Estate, Nancy Edmondson Estate, and Michael Naldrett, personal representative, to Barry Stemper and Margaret Stemper, 98 East Hawley Road, $40,000.


Draper Properties Inc., to Erin A. McAvoy and Charles F. Walz IV, Colrain Stage Road, $85,000.


Walter D. Gibbs to Anthony W. Decarolis, 1 Bennett Road, $253,000.


CBT Portfolio Owner LLC to Lease Fund Series 2020-1 LLC Oak Street Investment Grade Ne, 227 Whiting Farms Road, $1,516,273.

David Laventure to Szymon Wolanczyk, 349 Southampton Road, $580,000.

Joshua R. Wherry and Candice Wherry to Patrick G. Love, 21 Brookline Ave., $233,000.

Martha B. Healey and David G. Healey to Maura G. Campbell and Gregory J. Gauthier, 2 Harvard St., $385,000.

Saw Construction LLC, receiver, Holyoke City and Ana E. Delarosa, estate, to Lock & Key LLC, 67-69 Longwood Ave., $229,000.

Shane D. Harrington, Katherine M. Harrington and Katherine M. Shanahan to Mackenzie M. Gray, 16 Cherry Hill, $215,000.


Donna M. Burgoyne and Donna M. Parks to David C. Wieland, 5 Cook Hill Road, $150,000.

James K. Patenaude to Chad LaFrance, 9 Birchwood Drive, $850,000.


Isaiah Robison Revocable Donor Trust, and Isaiah Robison, trustee and individually, to Elsbeth L. Walker, 258 North Leverett Road, $95,000.


Adam G. Goode and Susan P. Goode to Donald Scott Howson and Antonietta Mongillo, 44 Farmington Ave., $305,000.

Cedar Investment Group LLC to Joseph Palmerino Santaniello and Stephanie Anne Welch, 156 Sheffield Ave., $292,000.

Christopher H. Comey and Elizabeth J. Comey to Lawrence Nedwed, Amy Nedwed and Gary Nedwed, 146 Silver Birch Road, $600,000.

Philip G. Dentremont and Jaime M. Dentremont to Samantha A. Suchy and David Suchy, 89 Wimbleton Drive, $325,000.

R2R LLC to Sammy Levy and Adriane Levy, 82 Lincoln Park, $387,000.


Armand J. Grondin to Amanda Bryant and Theodore Bryant, 434 Moore St., $429,000.

Catherine J. Costa to Joyce A. Siok, 89 Miller St., $85,000.

Diana P. Croteau to Susana Aguero, 771 East St., $212,500.

Jason Barroso to Michael R. Williams and Samantha L. Williams, 40-42 Minechoag Heights, $323,000.

John Giasullo and Sarah Giasullo to Patrick Fitzell, 76 Overlook Drive, $330,000.

Keith A. Nunes and Patricia Nunes to Armand Joseph Grondin, 178 Michael St., $269,900.

Kevin A. Quiterio, Nicole L. Quiterio and Nicole L. Roy to Kyle M. Walsh, 61 Bramucci St., $259,900.

Maria A. Gamache, representative, and Manuel Martins, estate, to Brenda M. Rooney and Nichola Rooney, 46 Homestretch Drive, $135,000.

Michael J. Chernick, representative, Antoni F. Grabowski, estate, Anthiony F. Grabowski, estate, and Anthony Grabowski, estate, to Nicholas D. Barron and Nicole L. Barron, Lyon Street, $170,000.

Micheal S. Lipscomb, Mitchell A. Lipscomb and Michael S. Lipscomb to Julia A. Jalbert, 201 Kendall St., $198,000.


Michael P. Hale Jr., personal representative, and Michael Putnam Hale, estate, to Marcia L. Kebbon and Robert Turner, 128 Chipman Road, $535,000.


James R. Wawrzyk to Gregory J. Bertsch and Michelle E. Officer, 123 Ely Road, $460,000.

Thomas Russo to Michael J. Brothers, 10 Margaret St., $232,900.


Mechanics Lodge Building Association, Inc., to Colleen C. Descavich and Dale J. Sescavich, 20 Masonic Ave., $230,000.

Seth Hopkins and Stephanie A. Hopkins, “aka” Stephanie A. Smith, to Zachary Zucker, 25 Worcester Ave., $195,000.

Calvin G. Ewell and Donna M. Ewell, “aka” Donna M. Fugere, to Kaylee A. Gorey and Thomas E. Gorey, 13 South High St., $186,000.

Janice M. Momaney to Jeremy E. Miller, 453 Millers Falls Road, $152,000.

New Salem

Hannah Rachel Pasquale to 35 Shutesbury Road Nat Cramer Family LLC, 35 Shutesbury Road, $48,000.


Brendan L. Smith, Melissa B. Smith and Melissa B. McCutcheon to Kathleen Radzikowski, 38 Leeno Terrace, $280,000.

Gary W. Keefe, trustee, James J. Keefe, trustee, and Keefe & Sons Nominee Trust to Joshua R. Wherry and Candace K. Wherry, 185-187 Prospect St., and Stoddard Street, $599,900.

Stanley L. Symanski and Stanley Symanski to Michael G. George, 187 Locust St., $295,000.

David H. Bragdon, trustee, David H. Bragdon Investment Trust, Regina Towne Bragdon, trustee, and Regina Towne Bragdon Investment Trust to Terrence M. Coe and Jayalaxmi Kannan, 104 Moser St., $500,000.

Sanjiv Gupta to Jamie N. Thaman, 351 Pleasant St., $212,500.

Jacob E. Lopez to Alexa Mignano, 12 Laurel Park, $253,880.

Watcharaporn Hardy, Thomas F. Quinn and Amy B. Quinn to Jeffrey B. Vaughan, 46 Gilrain Terrace, $280,000.

David W. Reinhart, Kristine Ross and Kristine Reinhart to James Dixon Jr., and Terri Dixon, 209 Cardinal Way, $650,000.


James Clarke, “aka” James F. Clarke, to Janice E. Herlihy and Daniel J. Zimmerman, 755 Old Wendell Road, $65,500.


Kevin C. Dodge and Malane A. Dodge to Albert M. Rousseau and Shala M. Rousseau, Shingle Brook Road, $50,000.


Gordon E. Stone to Mary Bell, 105 Pinney St., $159,000.

JNB Property Investment Inc. to Joseph O’Malley, 1476 North Main St., $124,000.

Kelly J. Youngberg and Steven Youngberg to Tristan Wilkerson and Samantha Wilkerson, 28 Fieldstone Drive, $410,000.

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to FSG Realty LLC, 15 Sasur St., $147,900.

Lauri A. Landry, representative, and John J. Doolin, estate, to Michelle Lee Laroche, 2003 Overlook Drive, $215,000.

Mary Salzmann and Mary A. Salzmann to Marc John Semon and Donna Jaye Semon, 15 Cyd Alan St., $185,000.

Nathan R. Goodrow and Katherine Goodrow to William Shedd and Ashley Deblois, 8 Boston Road, $263,500.

Samantha J. Wilkerson, Samantha J. Jacobs and Tristan L. Wilkerson to Jessica Mackiewicz, 37 Saint John St., $252,000.


Albert A. Cizek, Richard A. Cizek and Blanche M. Cizek to James Page and Tonia Lowe, 260 South Central St., $255,000.


Melissa J. Escalante, Robert Escalante and Melissa J. Rymasz to Edmund R. Schram, 51 Highland Ave., $290,000.

Rebecca J. Mazuch to Trevor D. Andrews and Karley A. Andrews, 86 West Main St., $375,000.


Sidney Gerard to Rachel Nordstrom, 462 Little Mohawk Road, $322,500.

South Hadley

Lisa Brassard Nicotera, Peter Brassard, Alison Brassard L’Heureux and Andrea Brassard Picard to Stanley J. Czerwiec, 302 Alvord Place, $260,000.

Gail L. Connelly, personal representative, Robert J. Ericson, personal representative, and Barbara L. Cummings, estate, to Laura Brezinsky, 44 Silver St., $301,110.

Shah Ma Realty LLC, to RB Homes LLC, 7 Pleasant St., and 5-7 Pleasant St., $543,900.

David A. Desrochers to David A. Desrochers and Ann M. Desrochers, 41 West Summit St., $100.

John D. Johnson, Matthew Johnson, Marguerite C. Johnson and Matthew P. Johnson, to Marguerite C. Johnson, trustee, and Marguerite C Johnson Revocable Trust, 29 Pynchon Road, $100.

Trustee of Mount Holyoke College to Ryan N. Moore and Heather E. Moore, Morgan Street, $5,000.

Han Zhao and Nan Zhang to Carol Sullivan and William John Sullivan, 124 College St., $300,000.

Daniel P. Gladu and Jacqueline S. Gladu to Kimberly J. Ingram and Kevin J. Gladu, 313 Alvord Place, $100.

Mary M. LaMontagne to Lisa M. Morrin, 48 Hillside Ave., $317,500.

Wendy E. Simpson, personal representative, Beth M. Kenney, personal representative, and Allan L. Simpson, estate, to Alexandra C. Schonbek, 39 Chapel Hill Drive, $354,000.


Daniel R. Adams, Amy Adams, and Amy Paquette to Mary A. Fitzpatrick and Melissa F. Burt, 58 Line St., $323,000.

Christopher Lenkowski to Christopher Lenkowski and Kara E. Cummings, 26 Crooked Ledge Road, $100.

John D. Kent and Sandra J. Kent to Daniel McNichol and Elizabeth McNichol, 39 High St., $750,000.


Kristie A. Girroir to Meenu Gupta, Granville Road, $80,000.


1125 Page Blvd LLC to FM Holdings LLC, 1125 Page Boulevard., $3,700,000.

Anne M. Manning to Tyrone Fields, 87 Hamburg St., $165,650.

Antonio Patullo, Jennifer A. Marquez, Jennifer A. Patullo and Carla Patullo to Kulwant Singh and Maninder Kaur, 699-701 Sumner Ave., $205,000.

Baldwin Street LLC to Douglas A. Stewart Jr. and Erica L. Stewart, 1885 Allen St., $230,000.

Bretta Construction LLC to Patrick Asamoah, 109 Wilton St., $275,000.

Bryan A. Musa to Ravinder Arora and Jasvinder Arora, 48 Boyer St., $178,000.

Bryan E. Cowan and Lisa A. Cowan to Robert M. Ryan Jr. and Amanda M. Ryan, 502 Tiffany St., $235,000.

C&C Homes LLC to Abel Estevez, 427 Bay St., $240,000.

Cameron S. Cove and David M. Brodowski to Cynthia A. Seamans and Dana Gordon Seamans, 38 Fallston St., $240,500.

Caren M. Jacques, Betsey M. Adams and Betsy M. Adams to Glenn C. Leslie, 78 Wakefield St., $170,000.

Carolyn S. Hulit to Stephanie Martinez, 29 Harkness Ave., $184,500.

Cheryl Guilbault to Christine Wilson, 85 Duggan Circle, $185,000.

Christine M. Goodwin and John Goodwin to Lindsay L. Barrett, 547 Plumtree Road, $206,000.

Cig2 LLC to Anna H. Santiago, 45 Redfern Drive, $190,000.

Cig4 LLC to Delia I. Pinero, 367 Nassau Drive, $120,000.

Claribel Parra to Charlotte A. Kingswood and Ian P. Harris, 22 Pecousic St., $216,000.

David W. Moore to Feliciano A. Bonilla, 6 Maplewood Terrace, $250,000.

Eagle Home Buyers LLC, to Melinda Carey, 84 Amore Road, $175,000.

Efrain Morales Jr. and Damaris Morales to Cielito Sadornas, 30 Fremont St., $172,500.

Erik Hillhouse, Tracy Hillhouse and Tracy L. Friedenberg to Tracy L. Friedenberg, 925 South Branch Parkway, $100.

Evelyne M. Heneghan, representative, Kathleen Marie Meenaghan, estate, and Kathleen M. Meenaghan, estate, to Matthew Staples, 206 Hartwick St., $210,000.

Gerald M. Foley, Mary E. Foley and Mary E. Tabb to Thomas M. Meleady Jr., 25 Arvesta St., $300,000.

Global Homes Properties LLC, to Emily Baiyee Toegel, 225-227 Wilbraham Road, $260,000.

Grahams Construction Inc., to Susan Elaine Mach and Quinton Wayne Mach, 51 Elaine Circle, $390,000.

Gymmetta Brantley and Gymmetta A. Brantley to Christine McFarlane, 154 Orange St., $145,000.

Hedge Hog Industries Corp. to Aryam Velazquez and Omar Velazquez, 42 Chase Ave., $307,000.

Jason R. Perry and Kelli L. Campbell to Joseph Robinson and Shenese Catalfamo, 25-27 Kamuda St., $184,000.

Jeanine Aldrich to Robert J. Schroeter, 15 Kane St., $140,000.

Jennifer N. Joyce, representative, and William J. Shenas, estate, to Yanibel Vasquez, 70-72 Chapin Terrace, $278,000.

Joanne LeClair to Christian Perez, 48 Gardens Drive, $215,000.

Johnson Asamoah to Afia Ayiwa-Mensah, 58 Savoy Ave., $120,000.

Joseph Kusnierz to Barbara Consolmagno, Smithfield Court, Unit G49, $9,000.

Kenia Feliz to Nick Roman, 72 Midway St., $201,000.

Malikameer Andrade and Maria Navaro to Shanice K. Lopez-Shabazz, 137 Farnham Ave., $242,000.

Mary Ellen Lee and Brendan D. Broderick to John R. Devoie IV, 410 Plumtree Road, $210,000.

Naida Lopez to Krystal Hawkins and Margaret Kennedy, 98 Plumtree Road, $230,000.

Nicholas G. Ghaname and Nicolas Ghaname to Bay Voyagers LLC, 432 Sumner Ave., $167,500.

Norman J. Ashline Jr. to Nelson Martir, 69 Palmer Ave., $245,000.

A To Z Property Management Renovations LLC to J A D Properties Inc., 174 King St., $40,000.

Patrick J. Fitzell to Kerry-Ann Smith-Francis, 2191 Page Boulevard, $213,000.

Peter M. Ham, representative, and Jean W. Ham, estate, to Jean Ruemmele-Castro and Donyelle Ruemmele-Castro, 126 Kathleen St., $200,000.

Ralph J. Ferraro and Anne Marie Ferraro to Christopher Collins and Jessica V. Rogers, 32 Spruceland Ave., $257,500.

Richard A. McBride and Marilyn M McBride to Elizabeth Rodriguez, 231 Almira Road, $185,000.

Richard A. Sitnik to Lyudmila Dunayeva, 135 Garnet St., $230,000.

Rovena L. Sherman to Zachary J. Kinsley and Tyler Greeley, 134 N Brook Road, $165,000.

Russell C. Laamanen and Johnelle M. Laamanen to Sosa Realty LLC, Dwight Road, $12,000.

Severiano Dine and Josephina Ventura to Jorge L. Luciano, 209 Pendleton Ave., $225,000.

Bretta Realty LLC, to Vignesh Vellingiri and Nivi Babu Vellingiri, 160-162 Goodwin St., $330,000.

Vincent F. Valletti to Jarrel Williams, 27-29 Howes St., $250,000.


Robert B. Bartos Estate, “aka” Robert B. Bartos Sr., Estate, Kevin LaMagdelaine, personal representative, and Debra C. Delisle, individually, to Jelb Properties LLC, 33 Garage Road, $190,000.


Bruce W. Lemieux and Francesca A. Wood to Keith Thomas Clark and Barbara Anna Clark, Colebrook River Road, $42,000.


William B. Warren and Amanda Warren to Hiram Vargas, Hiram D. Vargas and Elba Vargas, 32 Main St., $270,000.


Matthew C. Bail to Matthew C. Bail and Lisa M. Bail, 14 Mattson Boulevard, $100.

Jane C. Agnew to Raymond A. Donnelly, 73 Cummings Road, $257,000.

Cameron Grimard Currie, Martyna Currie and Martyna Anna Dymon to James Kin Bor Woo, 59 Old Belchertown Road, $290,000.

West Springfield

10 Lowell Avenue LLC to Jessica Driscoll, 10 Lowell Ave., $190,000.

2017-RP2 Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust to Tun Tun, 179 North Boulevard, $156,000.

Bridget Mari Barnes to John Crean, 86-88 Lowell St., $230,000.

Jason C. Bara to Taylor Diandra Stone, 228 Piper Road, $265,560.

Laurie Protono and Caroline Protono to Alissa Griffin, 52 Homestead Ave., $200,000.

Michael J. Szawlowski, Alexandra E. Szawlowski and Alexandra E. Hudyka to Charlotte Branch and Delaney Ellen Lancor, 94 Havenhurst Road, $340,000.


Aaron S. Poteat to Douglas J. Fuller, 35 Carpenter St., $53,500.

Charm Auto Sales Inc. to Merigian Real Estate LLC, 766 Southamton Road, $215,000.

Daniel T. Towse and Allison S. Wheatley to Gail A. Daley, 419 Southwick Road, Unit B6, $237,500.

Diamond Investment Group LLC to Sherrie M. Headford, 11 Madison St., $224,900.

Joanne M. Brochetti to Anthony J. Casale and Kaitlyn C. Casale, 61 Butternut Road, $292,000.

Steven D. Hitchcock and Pamela J. Hitchcock to Kayla M. Hitchcock, 9 Curtis St., $100,000.

Violet E. Baldwin to UCR Real Estate LLC, 15 Beckwith Ave., $450,000.


Positive Spin Real Estate Investments Inc., to Jordan Bushey and Emma Bushey, 41 Loudville Road, $74,000.


Eaton Family Trust, John A. Eaton, trustee, and Jill A. Eaton, trustee, to Todd F. Green and Nicholas Sturdivant, 48 Claverack Road, $286,000.


Brian E. Amara and Kristine E. Amara to Liane Kendall and Patrick Kendall, 2 Orlando St., $299,000.

Cheryl A. Raymond and Barbara R. Ernst, representatives, Evelyn C. Auchter, estate, and Evelyn C. Raymond, estate, to Meaghan Barbeau, 10 Raymond Drive, $290,000.

John S. Karpowicz Jr. and Denise M. Karpowicz to William Manseau and Karen Wadleigh, 2205 Boston Road, Unit I85, $241,000.

Nancy S. Lovejoy, John M. Lovejoy, estate, and Samuel H. Lovejoy, representative, to Dagmar Mechem and Joseph Butts, 425 Mountain Road, $392,000.

Robert N. Massaro to Robert N. Massaro, life estate, Mark Massaro and Michael Massaro, 181 Burleigh Road, $100.

Vincent M. O’Connell Jr. to Janet G. Farrell, 2205 Boston Road, Unit D36, $225,000.

Wilbraham Town to SZF Properties LLC, 17 Hunting Lane, $245,000.


Brian Emerson to Dannie Torrey, 87 Main St., $175,000.


Shelley A. Rice to Chandresh S. Patel and Moxika C. Patel, 11 Old Post Road, $345,000.


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