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Massachusetts real estate transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties Nov. 29, 2020 logo 11/29/2020 The Republican,


Carl A. Dickmann to Angelica I. Mendez, 101 High St., $244,900.

Crosby Queenin Properties LLC, to 235 Bowles Road LLC, 235 Bowles Road, $2,525,252.

Ersel Robbins-Smith to Ward A. Remington, life estate, Paula A. Remington, llife estate, and Doreen Grace Pedro, 214 Beekman Drive, $182,000.

James K. Burghoff to Jeffrey J. Hichborn and Amanda M. Hichborn, 576 Southwick St., $284,900.

Jeffrey J. Hichborn and Amanda M. Hichborn to Emir Katica, 35 Harvey Johnson Drive, $242,500.

Kyle Pfeffer to Gianna E. Albano, 57 Belvidere Ave., $262,000.

Manuel T. Reyes and Josue Colon to Noemi Amaris and Uhia Willis, 267 Rowley St., $275,000.

Paul Karnaukh and Irina Karnaukh to Bedrettin Tokgoz, 18 Sherman Ave., $335,000.

William E. Silk and Jeanenne M. Silk to Phillip J. Bonk and Lori S. Bonk, Mansion Woods Drive, Unit G-23, $219,000.


Hai Tran and Ledung Tran to Thanh Ngoc Tran and Julia E. Wald, 325 Montague Road, $150,000.

Lindsley G. Boiney to Richard J. Giglio and Sally G. Giglio, 171 Heatherstone Road, $479,000.

Ellen M. Fagan to Marcus S. Opalenik and Shao Yu Tseng, 48 Jenks St., $350,000.

Alexander Theoharides, trustee, and HOP Brook Trust to Marilyn D. Glass, 1100 South East St., $625,000.

Steven J. Kravetz, personal representative, Sharon E. Meyers, personal representative, Bettie Rose Kravetz, estate, and Bettie Skole Kravetz, estate, to Yong Xian Liu and Billy S. Leung, 3 Juniper Lane, $385,000.

Carol Ranzel-Wallace, trustee, and Carol Ranzel-Wallace Revocable Trust to Margaret J. McLaren, 38 Lessey St., $505,000.


Susan J. Stebbins to Hope Sholes Pinder and Charles Pinder, 46 Boardman St., $500,000.

Keith D. Poulin and Susan A. Poulin to Jesus R. Maradiaga Alvarado and Ricardo A. Maradiaga Alvarado, 2 Cobb Lane, $299,000.

Sharon D. Barnett, trustee, Revocable Indenture of Trust of Sharon D. Barnett, Tamara Barnett, trustee, and Revocable Indenture of Trust of William R. Barnett to Christopher A. Rivers and Misty L. Haynes, 16 Waterford Road and 16 Waterford Drive, $542,000.

David J. Wolan-Jedziniak and Lila A. Wolan-Jedziniak to Glenda L. Colon, 91 Hamilton St., $296,000.


Christopher P. Porrovecchio and Sarah N. Porrovecchio to Sharon S. Deane, River St., $2,000.

Troy Santerre to Alexandra Margosian, 199 Bald Mountain Road, $232,500.


Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency to paul DeGeorges and Tara DeGeorges, 33 Sears St., $220,500.


David R. Simard to Gail M. Stathis, 35 Don Emerson Road, $90,000.


Abrheem Mustafa to Victor Antonio Rivera, 141 Skeele St., $277,500.

Bank of New York Mellon, trustee, and Home Equity Loan Trust 2007-FRE1, trustee of, to 613 LLC, 760 McKinstry Ave., $81,375.

Claire L. Cucchi and William Eric Cucchi to Briggette P. Cortes Ruiz and Cruz M Fuentes, 21 Daniel Drive, $220,000.

Corey J. Croteau to Karol Makusiewicz, 63 Applewood Drive, $110,000.

David J. Valego II, to Delaney Duprat, 182 Narragansett Boulevard, $250,000.

Gunnar G. Gudmundson and Janice L. Gudmundson to Matthew John Wilkinson, 213 Greenwood Terrace, $128,300.

James E. Grise and Janice M. Grise to Stephen Taylor Hews, 57 Hillman St., $206,000.

Janet M. Lanier to Corey Croteau, 78 McCarthy Ave, $225,500.

Janet P. Lavoie and Mary Margaret Lamica to Elizabeth Lopez and Jeffrey Dirosa, 630 Britton St., $184,000.

Joyce A. Bernash to Erik Govoni, 92-94 Montgomery St., $255,000.

JTT Realty LLC, to Lee Maisonet, 122 Ludlow Road, $199,900.

Justin Piantek and Ashley Piantek to Connor Dube and Jamie Piantek, 81 Paradise St., $195,000.

Linda Trybus, rerepresentative, and Janice Marie Blanchard, estate, to Zaida I. Mejias, 50 Donlyn Drive, $217,500.

Lindsay A. Drobnak and Christopher J. Drobnak to Anthony Raymond Correa, 572 Springfield St., $253,000.

Lindsy M. Canuel to Renata Smith and Lindsay Smith, 24 Saint Anthony St., $300,000.

Mario Tedeschi to Lina Alsaedi, 71 Doverbrook Road, Unit 6070A, $158,000.

Mark R. Lincourt and Joyce E. Lincourt to Brittney Cudnick, 200 Lambert Terrace, Unit 85, $116,000.

Nathan R. Lepage to Kendrick J. Hutchins, 23 Hilton St., $230,000.

Round Two LLC, to Rinaldi Pease Real Estate LLC, 341 Hampden St., $250,000.

Waldemar Moreno, Denise L. Jimenez and Denise L. Moreno to Caleb G Montalvo Burgos, 181 South St., $215,000.


Ragus LLC, to Alan E. Kurkulonis and Diane L. Kurkulonis, 31B Snowberry Circle, Unit 11B Sugarloaf Condominium, $324,900.

Ragus LLC, to Mary-Ellen Jus and William P. Just, 31A Snowberry Circle, Unit 11A, Sugarloaf Condominium, $440,489.

East Longmeadow

Theresa Fiorentino and Theresa Rondeau to Anthony J. Santaniello and Elaine F. Santaniello, 175 Orchard Road, $545,000.


Jonathan D. Remillard, Katherine S. Remillard, Katherine Szymborn and J. Remillard to Jeffrey Sullivan and Patricia Sullivan, 32 Pine Hill Road, $422,000.

Robin J. Wood and Christopher J. Smith to Patricia Kruglak, 359 Main St., $379,000.

Emerald City Rentals LLC, to Christina Yong Wu, 15 Summer St., $337,000.

Ronald P. Shepard and Rosalyn A. Shepard to Ardeshir Pezeshk, trustee, and Denise Cruze Irrevocable Family Trust, 9 Prospect St., $255,500.


Carolyn Abramo, “aka” Carolyn M. Abramo, Thomas McHugh and Vincent J. McHugh Jr., to Nicholette J. Vassar and Paul D. Vassar, 43 Vassar Way, $413,000.


Bedrock Financial LLC, trustee, and Sugar Magnolia Realty Trust to Heather Longley, Batchelor Street, $50,000.

Lawrence Mann to Lisa C. Ealum, 7 Granby Heights, $137,900.

Joann Dominick Meigs, Mark Dominick and Joseph Dominick to Richard Landry, 6 Dian St., $110,000.

Carlton Thomas Nash, trustee, Carlton T. Nash, trustee, and Carlton Thomas Nash Trust to Richard H. Blanchard and Gwen Blanchard, Amherst Road, $65,000.


Brycar LLC, to SCF RC Funding IV LLC, 191 Shelburne Road/189 Shelburne Road, $1,000,000.

Lucy A. West, Richard V. West, “aka” Richard V. West Sr., to Christopher Coeur and Jenny Coeur, 371 Davis St., $139,200.

Emmy Y. Phelps and Jesse E. Phelps to John A. MacLeod and Muriel D. MacLeod, 26 Mary Potter Lane, $365,000.

John W. Gravenmeir and Marie A. Vidal to Jennifer Beckham and Todd Beckham, 658 Bernardston Road, $365,000.

First Congregational Church of Greenfield to Agape Moldovian Baptist Church, 43 Silver St., $670,000.

Archelon Properties LLC, to Meghan S. Carroll and Katharine D. Walker, 61 Silver St., $239,375.


Brian K. MacLeod and Susan E. MacLeod to Jesse Os and Carina Marie Os, 144 Stony Hill Road, $425,000.

Keith E. Modestow and Rogina A. Modestow to David M. Laventure and Shinead A. Vasquez, 36 Burleigh Road, $925,000.

Margaret E. Burnham, representative, and Evelyn L. Sulham, estate, to Peter Maziarz and Jean Maziarz, 43 Crestwood Lane, $177,000.

Philip A. Tarsi and Rebecca L. Tarsi to Matthew Lecuyer, 31 Crestwood Lane, $242,000.

Susan J. Alston and Thomas L. Millette to Dawn M. MacKinnon, 236 Mill Road, $500,000.

William H. Brown Jr., to William D. O’Donnell, 77 Glendale Road, $82,474.


Dennon A. Rodrigue and Bridget S. Rodrigue to Christopher R. Szawlowski and Tess E. Jurgensen, 11 Pleasant View Drive, $468,500.

Edward G. Lagoy and Barbara A. Lagoy to Mark J. Stevens and Stephanie L. Lagoy, 3 King St., $184,000.

Joan M. Gaudette, personal representative, and Matilda H. Pelis, estate, to Thomas Edward Dadmun, Kristy Ann Dadmun and Jack T. Dadmun, 11 Chestnut St., $257,000.


Alexa Roman to Josue Sosa Diaz, 8 Cottage Ave., $200,000.

Amy C. McDonough to John Nichols and Darcy Buerkle, 183 Madison Ave., $475,000.

Angel Maldonado Jr., and Alyssa Maldonado to Moses Claudio, 135 Pearl St., $320,000.

Chad A. Groleau and Stacy R. Groleau to Deborah R. Ashe and Agustin A. Vazquez Jr., 90 Bemis Road, $269,900.

Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to Shawn P. Ferry, 60 King St., $223,700.

Edwin Gonzalez and Lillian Otero to Kevin Anthony Rice, 1093 Dwight St., $300,000.

Jennifer L. Hamilton, representative, Cynthia Susan Naugler, estate, and C. Susan Naugler, estate, to John Areche, 40 Longwood Ave., $250,000.

Joanne M. McGuire to Matthew Giroux and Jamie T. Ostrowski, 1 Joanne Drive, $310,000.

Mary L. Curro and Kathleen M. Tessier to Mark J. Rodgers, 2 Francis St., $157,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., to Anchor Moore Investings LLC, 21-23 Wolcott St., $90,000.

Rypec LLC, to Dario Jara Ramones, 131, 133 Westfield Road, $270,000.

Thomas G. Griffin and Mary E. Edwards to Joaveliza Rodriguez and Eric Lopez-Febres, 13-15 Parker St., $221,000.


Diana Dunn Kallio to William J. Jackson Investment Trust, William J. Jackson, trustee, Marcia Plant Jackson Investment Trust, and Marcia Plant Jackson, trustee, Cemetery Road, $71,000.


Daniel W. McKay and Carol A. McKay to Daniel William Counts and Lina M. Counts, 75 Wolf Swamp Road, $398,000.


Frank N. Trolio to Luis D. Quiterio II, 31 Fairway Drive, $278,300.

Michael J. Chernick, representative, Antoni F. Grabowski, estate, Anthiony F. Grabowski, estate, and Anthony Grabowski, estate, to Joseph George Chaloux and Elaine Marie Chaloux, Lyon Street, $160,000.


Matthew Lovechio and Paul J. Chevalier to John Donnelly, 142 Chipman Road, $175,000.

Christopher Dadak and Gina Artioli-Dadak to Chase E. Carrington, 148 Skyline Trail, $240,000.


Jason Woodrow and Sarah Woodrow to Edwin Gonzalez and Lillian Otero, 17 Old Stagecoach Drive, $455,000.

Michael Pelland to Deborah Blanchard and Kerry J. Blanchard, 6 Hilltop Drive, $365,000.

Scott M. Beaulieu and Kelly L. Beaulieu to John Anthony Gola and Marissa Brown, 54 Childs Road, $400,000.


Alan E. Kurkulonis and Diane L. Kurkulonis to Beaven F. Burkett and Martha A. Burkett, 38 Taylor Hill Road, $459,000.

Julianna R. Stevens and Jonathan R. Tosch to Seventh Street Realty Trust, and Thomas M. Richardson, trustee, 128 Seventh St., $295,000.

Grouts Corner Realty LLC, to Zachary French, 6 Grant St., $254,900.

Aronson Morgan Bailey to Jennifer L. Grincavitch, 58 High St., $245,000.


Sandra H. Gil and Manuel Thomas Gil to Michelle Candiano and Bryon Candiano, 172 Pitcher St., $450,000.


Kathleen M. Suchocki, Michael W. Suchocki and Deena M. Wallace to Georganne Sexton and Martin Sexton, 31 Murphy Terrace, $280,000.

David J. Kieval, Emily G. Kieval and Shalom G. Kieval to David J. Kieval and Emily Glassman Kieval, 25 Maynard Road, $100.

Emerson Way LLC, to Rita Liberti and Gertrude B. Toll, 54 Emerson Way, $135,000.

William G. Duffy Jr., to Rebekah J. Steinfeld, 29 Isabella St., $345,000.

Charles F. Ksieniewicz and Judith M. Ksieniewicz to C. Richard Hinckley, Charles Richard Hinckley and Joann Hinckley, 110 Hillcrest Drive, $450,000.

Fernando Madero Gorostieta and Ingrid Defosse De La Parra to David H. Bragdon, trustee, David H. Bragdon Investment Trust, Regina Towne Bragdon, trustee, and Regina Towne Bragdon Investment Trust, 50 Musante Drive, $585,000.

Cathy G. Cross and Joseph G. Cross to Naomi D. London, 37 Manhan St., $452,000.

Coles Meadow Properties LLC, to Seunghee Cha, trustee, and Just Flow Realty Trust, 468 Coles Meadow Road, $1,010,000.

Vijay K. Manne to Branna LLC, 23 Randolph Place, $184,976.


Richard G. Parsons Estate, Judith Underwood, personal representative, to Casey DellaPenna, 340 Caldwell Road, $150,000.


Sandra Elaine O’Neil to Peter Halfkenny, 273 Oxbow Road, $102,000.

David M. Aldrich and James R. Aldrich to David Lawrence Eadie and India Christine Eadie, 581 East River St., $198,000.

Sophia Rose Cantrell to Elder Madrid, 106 Cheney St., $65,000.

Chrislyn Newton and Kyle Newton to Victoria Ann Brooks and Steven Scott Gelinas, 4 Shingle Brook Road, $218,000.

Lisa M. Parker and Scott A. Parker to Chrislyn Newton and Kyle Newton, 98 Bartlett Lane, $330,000.


U S A Housing & Urban Development to Melissa T. Denoncourt, 2021 Bourne St., $75,000.

Jared M. Laroche and Michelle Laroche to Nathan Brian Hodgman, 4177 Pleasant St., $250,000.

John J. Walsh Jr., to Anthony Patalano and Douglas Deisle, 89 Peterson Road, $41,000.

Kristen N. Whalen to Diana Lask, 3074 Main St., Unit 3074, $152,500.


Michael S. MacDonald and Anita T. MacDonald to Christopher St. Cyr and Jessica St. Cyr, 25 Butter Hill Road, $735,000.

South Hadley

Marc Pohl to Robert J. Kudla and Amy Kudla, 12 Skinner Lane, $240,000.

Kevin J. Otto to Christopher M. Roy, 21 Hadley St., $400,000.

Patrick J. Spring and Kimberly Spring to Brian Michael Keller, 28 River Lodge Road, $449,000.

Gomigo Properties LLC, to Donald J. Lonczak, Don J. Lonczak and Don Lonczak, 14 Stonegate Drive, $682,500.

Alberts House LLC, to Lucid Development LLC, Wood Avenue, $80,000.

Elaine M. Lapomardo to Fernando Texeira, 23 Rivercrest Way, $380,000.

Rosemary L. Hendricks to Patricia M. Tierney, trustee, Karen A. Provoda, trustee, and Declaration of Hendricks Irrevocable Trust, 501 Granby Road, $100.

Melissa J. Allis, personal representative, and Mark Paul Menard, estate, to Emtay Inc., 135 North Main St., $162,500.

Gerald Lorenz to John G. Lorenz and Melanie R. Lorenz, 478 Amherst Road, $150,000.


Rafael A. Roca and Chontae Monique Roca to Matthew Gladu and Jessica Gladu, 11 Bissonnette Circle, $514,000.

Southampton Town to PSF-1 Realty Trust, 93 College Highway, $4,221.

Christ Community of Hampshire County to Thomas H. Labrie, Valley Road, $30,000.


Donna L. Johnson to John Joseph Nardacci Jr., and Stephanie Jean Danek, 136 Point Grove Road, $198,725.

Gary L. Teodore and Patricia A. Teodore to Keith Modestow and Rogina Modestow, 100 South Loomis St., $445,000.

Gregory E. Haskins and Carol Ann Haskins to Alex B. Weber, 107 Vining Hill Road, $285,000.

Jaan Development Corp., to Hedge Hog Industries Corp., 6 Noble Steed Crossing, $95,000.

Jaan Development Corp to Hedge Hog Industries Corp., 8 Noble Steed Crossing, $95,000.

Jared Hamre and Matthew Maynard to Rosalie Dialessi and John Dialessi, 23 Veteran St., $142,000.

Joseph A. Walz and Kristy L. Walz to William Van Dyke and Amy Van Dyke, 8 Pondview Lane, $796,750.

Michael R. Zahner and Brenda M. Zahner to James McInerney and Sharyn McInerney, 11 John Mason Road, $425,100.

Rita B. Damico and Janet L. Mashia to Oak Ridge Custom Home Builders Inc., Mort Vining Road, $800,000.

Steve Eric Torgersen and Deborah F. Torgersen to Kevin T. Lynch and Beverly L. Lynch, 24 Rails End Road, Unit 19A, $379,900.


83 Worthen Street Inc., to Springfield Boston Road BLD LLC, 472 Boston Road, $755,000.

Alycar Investments LLC, to Luis Martinez Baez, 97-99 Norfolk St., $250,000.

Anthony J. Villamaino and Linda Mary Costa to Eilish Garvey, 280 Harkness Ave., $195,000.

Brian John Hearn and Kimberly Anne Hearn to Jorge Luis Vazquez, 108 Regal St., $185,000.

Brian K. Potter and Patricia A. Cormier-Potter to Claire B. Hamilton, 209 Tiffany St., $190,000.

Cesario M. Ferreria to Rebecca Okyere, 84 Everett St., $235,000.

Daniel Carthon to Juan C. Masionett and Sarai Rosado-Diaz, 36 Switzer Ave., $195,000.

Danyal R. Dumas to Angel Santiago, 209 Hanson Drive, $200,000.

Dennis F. Reardon Jr., Elaine F. Santaniello and Marna Reardon to Jerry Torres, 15 Rencelau St., $270,000.

Edna C. L’Heureux and Peter A. Ridubois to Osvaldo Velazquez and Zoraida Velazquez, 80 Bircham St., $237,000.

U S A Housing & Urban Development to David Givans, 41 Daytona St., $125,000.

First Time Out Realty LLC, to Jilson R. Salem, 32-34 Shamrock St., $208,000.

Garrett J. Moulton to Cassandra L. Chavarria, 15-17 Rittenhouse Terrace, $231,000.

Gary A. Daula to Paul R. Gauthier, 42-44 Blodgett St., $310,000.

Icelene E. Campbell and Icelene E. Reid to Adam Goncalves, 55 Fredette St., $219,000.

James Santaniello to Edward Tourangeau, 225 Chalmers St., $5,000.

James Zaiken, Linda F. Mikkelsen, Gary J. Zaiken and Marian J. McPartlin to Bretta Construction LLC, Howes Street, $60,000.

Jason I. Bolanos to Tania Marie Cabrera, 46 Brighton St., $200,000.

Jesus Estremera and Wanda Dejesus Estremera to Marisol Santini, 1018 Parker St., $180,000.

Joaquim Santos to Denise B. Heatley and Terrance Heatley, 69 Sherman St., $260,000.

John F. Shevlin, Brenna Shevlin and Brenna R. Perkins to Icelene E. Campbell and Theelia R. Campbell, 555 Nassau Drive, $165,000.

John H. Dillon and Mary Ellen Dillon to Elizabeth Ghedi-Ehrlich and Jordan J. Payne, 45 Washington Road, $285,900.

John P. Ochoa and Kaila A. Sullivan Ochoa to Brendan W. Holland and Morgan A. Holland, 114 Winton St., $201,000.

Jose R. Gonzalez to Karl Burston and Mickelia A. Pearson, 92 Sunrise Terrace, $287,000.

Joseph N. Leone and Siearra Leone to Leah N. McCarthy, 45 Winterset Drive, $263,000.

Lawrence M. Libow and Sherrill L. Oake to Maxim W. Daviau, 56 Riverview St., $270,000.

Liam D. Hogan and Judith A. Hogan to Walter L. Bliss and Amy M. Bliss, 67 Regal St., $189,000.

Luis A. Villanueva to Marilyn Gali, 13-15 Algonquin Place, $174,300.

Luke F. Cournoyer and Maura B. Cournoyer to Eslainy Diaz-Agramonte, 71, 73 Governor St,, $225,000.

Lynn C. Stockley to Diana Delacruz and Juan Gonzalez, 125 Odion Ave., $250,000.

Mary B. Guz to Anatoliy Ovdiychuk, 503 Tiffany St., $100,000.

Maryanne Goodsell to Maryanne Goodsell and Steven M. Polom, 130 Senator St., $100.

MBC Properties LLC, to Ruth M. Bonilla-Rivera, 801-803 Carew St., $200,000.

Genevieve Construction Development Group Inc., to Eric L. Melendez Gerena and Evelyn Roman Medina, 15 Florida St., $190,000.

Michael J. Chabot and Anne Marie O’Reilly to Somchai Daniels, 5 Fenimore Boulevard, $222,000.

Migdalia Rasmussen to Picton Capital LLC, 268 Shawmut St., $110,000.

Patricia Mitchell, Patricia N. George and Brian Mitchell to Luis Caraballo-Cancel, 81-83 Cambridge St., $246,500.

R A W Land LTD, to Bretta Construction LLC, Gresham Street, $20,000.

R M Blerman LLC, to Sharon Pankey, 191 Oakland St., $300,000.

RBT Enterprises LLC, to Moumie Dibinga, 32 Dickinson St., $270,000.

Tawanda M. Kitt and Keith L. Bass to Starla Ann Hampton, 184 Denver St., $225,000.

Victor C. Bara, Craig Perry, Massachusetts Comm Health & Human Services, Springfield City Code Enforcement and AAD LLC, receiver, to Ahmed Alrubay, 71 Aberdeen Road, $34,000.

Victor Cruz and Jackeline Rosado-Cruz to District Capital LLC., 53 Warrenton St., $106,753.

Victor Vargas to Round Two LLC, 809 Carew St., $100,000.


Jonathan L. Wooley and Rachel S. Wooley to Kyle Ferdinand, Peter Ferdinand and Mario Ramirez, 304 Plumtree Lane, $290,000.

Susan J. Bitters, Susan Lamoureux and William J. Lamoureux to Arianne G. Abela and Noah D. Horn, 75 Russell St., $440,000.


Vincent E. Bradway and Christina D. Bradway to Pauline Santello, 6 Sichols Boulevard, $235,000.

West Springfield

Andrii Zhyhaniuk and Nadiia Zhyhaniuk to Nagham Abed and Wisam Owaid, 68 Worthen St., Unit 2, $260,500.

Charles A. Torre, representative, Sally A. Lengyel and Jean C. Torre, estate, to Steven M. Wolf and Leah N. Pagios, 62 Sherwood Ave., $290,000.

Christopher M. Donohue, Ellen Donohue, David Dzialo, Richard Dzialo, Ann Salva and Judy Ryner to Paul Denoncourt, 36 Squire Drive, $150,000.

David Donald Deaton Jr., to Michael J. Ford Jr., 72 Clyde Ave., $227,152.

Dheyaa Zaidan and Asraa Aljanabi to Luis Navarro-Mena, 41 Belle Ave., $217,000.

Gregg A. Gibson to Jesus Estremera and Wanda Estremera, 278 Ely Ave., $250,000.

Hadley Elizabeth Inc., to Howie Realty LLC, 1097 Main St., $500,000.

Lori S. Bonk and Phillip J. Bonk to Michael Parolo, 14 Brookline Ave., $368,007.

Marvin Larivee and Marvin V. Larivee III, to West Co. Investments LLC, 1-3 Somerset Heights, $465,000.

Timothy J. Ouimette and Kathleen H. Shea-Ouimette to James P. Keizer and Rachel M. Keizer, 41 Sawmill Road, $310,700.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society, Christiana Trust, trustee, and Hilldale Trust, trustee of, to Aaron Gonzalez, 35 Plateau Ave., $210,000.


Amanda Vanbuskirk and Amanda Baker to Jason M. Donnachie, 289 Granville Road, $245,000.

Andrew J. Kopacka and Jacquelin Ann Kopacka to Alyson C. Yorlano and Joseph M. Yorlano, 47 Hillside Road, $375,000.

Angela R. Martin and John R. Martin to Valeriy M. Sivokonenko and Tatyana A. Sivokonenko, 27 Kittredge Drive, $315,000.

Cassandra L. Jaeger and Johanna M. Jaeger to ONJB LLC, 19 Bush St., $170,000.

Dave A. Rockwal to Richard Paul Stephens and Joan Ethel Stephens, 160 Hillside Road, Unit 5, $147,500.

David M. Lacroix, Matthew J. Lacroix and Kalli E. Yoder to Matthew J. Lacroix, 131 Park Drive, $100.

Giberson Construction Inc., to Abdias Garcia and Amber N, Garcia, 162 Old Cabot Road, $485,000.

Joanne L. Zomek to William N. Landford, 23 Morningside Drive, $220,000.

Joseph M. Yorlano and Alyson C. Yorlano to Tsheteej Gurung and Phul Gurung, 38 Kittredge Drive, $277,000.

Margaret M. Amanti to Sardinhas & Constante Realty LLC, 93 Main St., $370,000.

Marisa A. Masciadrelli, Marisa M. Ross and Marissa Ann Masciadrelli to Justin W. Piantek and Ashley B. Piantek, 70 Patterson St., $360,700.

Mary Jane Hanrahan to Malia Homebuyers LLC, 987 Shaker Hill Road, $175,000.

Michael D. Buell and Ann Marie Buell to Christopher Ryder Neary and Amale Barbara Neary, 48 Scenic Road, $450,000.

Patricia A. Kalfa, Patricia A. Kallfa and Gregory I. Kallfa to Robin E. Johnson, 75 Highland Ave., $215,000.

Robert T. Smyk and Carleen B. Smyk to Anthony E. Salvatore, 20 Stratfield Ave., $222,900.

Sergiy Suprunchuk and Tetyana Suprunchuk to Curtis A. Curylo and Soleil I. Curylo, 148 Berkshire Drive, $430,000.

Valarie Rafus and Valarie L. Normandeau to Nathan Kantor, 760 Montgomery Road, $290,000.


Bahadir K. Akcam and Sevilay Akcam to Christopher Drobnak and Lindsay Drobnak, 14 Fernwood Drive, $330,000.

Kathleen E. Demartino to Michael David Marceau and Erica Lee Marceau, 17 Bittersweet Lane, $495,000.

Raev LLC, to Richard Yen and Christine C. Chen, 45-47 Stony Hill Road, $279,000.


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