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Woman Accused Of Being An 'Attention-Seeker' For Dress She Wore To A Wedding

YourTango 11/27/2022 Nia Tipton
Lacey Jade Christie © Photo: TikTok / Instagram Lacey Jade Christie

A woman was met with harsh criticism after showing off the dress she picked out to wear to a wedding.

Lacey Jade Christie, from Melbourne, Australia, took to her TikTok to show off the outfit she wore to her friend's wedding celebration only to be met with extreme backlash.

Christie was labeled an 'attention-seeker' because of the dress she wore to the wedding.

In her TikTok Video, Christie proudly showed off the outfit, which was a white dress with a deep V neckline.

However, users were quick to interject that the dress was too "trashy" and "revealing," and Christie was taking the attention away from the bride by wearing white to the ceremony.

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In another video, Christie defended her choice of attire and explained that the ceremony's dress code wasn't strict at all.

She said that at the wedding, the two brides didn't even wear white and instead "wore black to the wedding."

"Not all brides or bridal parties wear white. [I] can really tell that most of y’all have only ever been to boring, conventional, heterosexual weddings."

Christie continued, "The dress code was 'throw out the social norms.' Basically, the brides weren't wearing white and they were like, 'we want you to wear what you feel comfortable in' regardless of the color, the shape, how see-through it is, and what kind of cleavage you're showing."

She described what other guests were wearing, including "power suits with no bras underneath."

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Christie called out the fatphobic comments and said that the situation spiraled 'out of control.'

In an interview with News AU, Christie explained that her outfit wasn't even "the most revealing of the night."

"The brides were so happy with the authenticity with which everyone showed up to their wedding," she told the news outlet.

She explained that it's "queer culture" and that if it had been a traditional wedding, she would have dressed in a more "conservative" outfit that was appropriate for the occasion.

“People keep telling me that I was disrespectful to the brides, but strangers on the internet are disrespecting them (and me) by not listening to the fact that a wedding without social norms was what they wanted.”

Christie also hit back at the comments that were disrespectfully criticizing her weight and how her body looked in the dress.

"When you read the comments, so many people are commenting on my body," she pointed out. "I’m ‘too fat’ for the dress, my breasts are ‘too saggy’, they need to be taped (which they were), I was showing too much leg and no one wants to see that much cellulite at a wedding. The list goes on."

Christie argued that if someone thinner had worn something similar, the backlash wouldn't have nearly been as severe.

"I genuinely believe that if a thin person had worn the exact same outfit the outrage would not have been half as bad.”

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