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The Westminster Dog Show Crowd Loves Bean the Sussex Spaniel and How he Sits Like a Human

People logo People 2/14/2018 Kelli Bender

Video provided by Buzz 60

Competing in the Westminster Dog Show is tough, so Bean the Sussex Spaniel decided to take a sit.

The 6-year-old canine popped a squat in the middle of his showing during the Sporting Group, opting to sit right on his rump with his front paws in the air.

Dog lovers filling the seats of New York City’s Madison Square Garden took notice, erupting in cheers for the dog’s impromptu and adorable trick.

Bean went on the win Best in Group for the Sporting dogs, securing him a spot in the Best in Show round. Backstage, Bean didn’t hesitate to show off his now-signature move for his adoring pack of fans.

a close up of a dog © Drew Angerer/Getty a dog wearing a costume © Courtesy Richie Arvidson

His handler Per Ingar Rismyhr told PEOPLE that the “trick” is something many Sussex spaniels do naturally — and will do frequently if you encourage them with treats.

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