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This Much-Needed App Matches Your Selfies With Museum Paintings

Thrillist 2 days ago James Chrisman

Google's Arts & Culture app will show you what museum artwork you look like. Google Arts & Culture -- James Chrisman1 a man making a funny face © Google Arts & Culture -- James Chrisman If you're a person-about-the-internet, you've probably been seeing diptychs of your friends next to stately oil paintings. The resemblance may be uncanny, or they may just both have a mustache, but either way it looks like a great time and you're probably feeling left out of the zeitgeist.

But, look, this isn't gaining admittance to the École des Beaux-Arts. All you have to do is download the Google Arts and Culture app, scroll down till you see the section that says, "Is your portrait in a museum?", click "GET STARTED," and follow the instructions, which are even easier than paint-by-numbers.

While it's taking over the internet this week, the Google Arts & Culture app has been around since 2016. It's just this feature that's new. Basically it compares your selfie to works of art in Google's ample archive and tries to find a match, with varying degrees of success. We weren't able to break above a 50% match. Luckily it'll give you a selection from which you can choose the pairing most aligned with your personal brand, exactly as the old masters intended.

Unfortunately you won't be able to upload a picture of yourself, so it must be a fresh selfie. You can also take a photo of a photo, which would be très postmodern and arty and so totally acceptable. Also try making different expressions to get shake up your matches. The app's best results come from the most extreme pictures, so, you know, express yourself. 

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