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Seattle's first NFT museum celebrating blockchain art to open January 27

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SEATTLE - A new NFT museum is opening in Seattle this month, and it aims to celebrate a concept that can be tough to grasp.

The museum is the first of its kind in Seattle and the founders say it's the first NFT museum in the world.

The Seattle NFT Museum, located in Belltown, exhibits non-fungible tokens (NFTs), a special type of digital asset that can be used to authenticate ownership of just about anything, and the applications for digital art are endless.

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Caption: First NFT museum to open in Belltown (KOMO News)

NFT art is recorded and traded using blockchain technologies, each token stored like its own cryptocurrency. This makes it easy to acquire, store, sell, and most importantly validate authenticity.

Museum co-founders Jennifer Wong and Peter Hamilton say NFTs are just one way to start learning about the new way the online economy is being built.

“NFTs are the first time where art now has a certificate of authenticity, built into the artwork itself, so that you can really know who the owner is overtime,” said Wong.

The NFT exhibits range from re-produced photos, or 3D architecture and landscapes.

“We have a permanent section that’ll always focus on Seattle artists,” said Wong. There's so much incredible local talent here that we always want to be able to showcase.”

Wong and Hamilton say the goal is to make NFTs more approachable for everyone, not just the tech community. The museum officially opens to the public on January 27.


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