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‘Squid Game’ star Geoffrey Giuliano claims he was assaulted at Dutch McDonald’s

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“Squid Game” alum Geoffrey Giuliano is not “lovin’ it.”

The 69-year-old actor, who portrayed one of the rich VIP spectators in the ultra-violent Netflix hit series, claims he was physically assaulted and denied service at a McDonald’s at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport because he’s American.

Giuliano told Daily Mail that the incident happened on New Year’s Eve as he was waiting for a connecting flight on his way from Portugal to Thailand.

Giuliano said that he is diabetic and needed food ahead of his 15-hour flight, so he headed to the McDonald’s at the terminal to get a veggie burger.

Video released by the actor appears to show a McDonald’s employee, whom Giuliano identifies as a manager, push the customer.

© Provided by New York Post American “Squid Game” star Geoffrey Giuliano has accused staff at an Amsterdam airport McDonald’s of denying him service and discriminating against him. Instagram / @geoffreyactor © Provided by New York Post Giuliano, 69, recorded video of his confrontation at the fast-food eatery at Schiphol Airport on New Year’s Eve. Newsflare

Another staffer then appears to raise his hand at Giuliano, who was in a wheelchair after undergoing a knee replacement surgery following an injury.

“All I’m asking is to get some food because I’m diabetic,” Giulano narrates in the background.

The McDonald’s worker described as the manager tries repeatedly to wave Giuliano off, but the actor refuses to leave and threatens to “report” the man to his company.

“Get your hands off me,” Giuliano exclaims as the grinning manager standing directly in front of him attempts to get him to leave. “Don’t touch me. It’s assault.”

According to Giuliano’s version of events, he was waiting to place his order when he was booted from the line and denied service because of his nationality.

“An older Indian McDonald’s greeter saw me, politely put me in the line and pushed me forward,” he told Daily Mail. “However, when I started talking to my son Eden, a young manager heard my American accent and suddenly they would not serve me.”

© Provided by New York Post In the recording, Giuliano says this grinning man is the manager who booted him from the McDonald’s branch. Newsflare © Provided by New York Post In the video, one restaurant worker appears to push Giuliano, who was using a wheelchair at the time. Newsflare © Provided by New York Post According to the New York-born actor, he was singled out because he is American. Newsflare

He continued: “The whole thing was due to an aggressive manager and another employee who obviously did not like Americans.”

Giuliano said that when he complained to McDonald’s about his treatment, the company stated in an email exchange that he was asked to leave because it was closing time.

A McDonald’s representative also denied that anyone on staff at the Schiphol Airport eatery “assaulted, humiliated or harassed” the customer, based on the video he sent.

Giuliano, who portrayed the iconic McDonald’s mascot Ronald McDonald in TV ads in the 1980s, said he is planning to pursue legal action against the global fast food juggernaut.

The Post reached out to McDonland’s seeking comment on the allegations and was awaiting a reply.

The airport kerfuffle comes more than five years after Giuliano was filmed cutting in line at a supermarket in Thailand and proclaiming during a foul-mouthed rant: “I’m an American, I do what I want. We’re the kings of the world.”

© Provided by New York Post Giuliano famously portrayed a VIP spectator in the Netflix hit series “Squid Game.”Netflix © Provided by New York Post The ultra-violent South Korean drama follows a group of desperate people competing for cash in deadly children’s games. AP

Giuliano later claimed that the person videotaping him was a French paparazzo who had followed him and his family, including his son, into the store, and that he put on an act merely to troll the photographer.

According to his IMDB page, Giuliano is a native of Rochester, New York, who has been a professional actor from age 12 and earned a Master’s degree in acting in 1976. Since then, he has appeared in theater productions and worked as a voiceover actor and audio book narrator.

In 2021, Giuliano gained international fame by starring as the villainous masked character VIP 4 in “Squid Game.”

He also appeared in the South Korean zombie horror flick “Peninsula” in 2020 and had a bit part in the 2021 action film “Kate,” starring Woody Harrelson and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.


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