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Why is gas cheaper in east El Paso compared to west El Paso?

KFOX El Paso 10/7/2022 Erika Castillo

For 99 consecutive days, it looked like of all the economic problems, gas wasn’t going to be one of them for much longer. 

That’s because for the last 99 days, gas prices fell at the pump

But now prices are going up again —reportedly because of maintenance problems in California and Washington state. 

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Caption: Erika Castillo reports on why do gas prices differ from east and west El Paso{p}{/p}

That means everyone in the country is feeling this on some level. But why do you suppose drivers in El Paso are feeling the pain at the pump differently from the eastside to the westside?

For at last the last two weeks, gas on the eastside has been dramatically lower than on the westside. 

At points, eastside gas is around 50 cents a gallon less. Why do you suppose that is? 

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